TTC #1, possible 10dpo?

Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive #1' started by firstimemomma, Nov 16, 2011.

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    Nov 16, 2011
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    Hi everyone- this is my first time TTC and my first month trying. I'm 23 years old so I'm hoping it all goes smoothly.
    I have an irregular period, but have not been diagnosed with any diseases/issues and have been told I can have children. I didn't really PLAN on tracking my ovulation or anything, because honestly I didn't realize how hard it was to actually get pregnant. When we started trying is when I became OBSESSED! I don't even know how long my cycle is! I tried the OPK but I think I started too late (almost a week after my period ended), but I was going by a 28-day cycle calendar which said I wouldn't ovulate until- two days ago (lo and behold that never happened). I looked at a calendar online for a 23-day cycle as opposed to the 28-day one and it said I could have ovulated on the 5th, which would be absolutely wonderful since we've been trying since I've had my period, pretty much.
    Anyway, I'm having some symptoms. I took a test on Sunday (two days ago) and got a :bfn:. I want to hold out until at least Friday but I don't know if I can wait!!

    Some of my symptoms include-
    stuffy nose (which started around the 6th or 7th), nausea for the past three days, sensitivity to smells (even with a stuffy nose?), and every time I brush my teeth it's like there's a massacre in my mouth! I've been sleeping CONSTANTLY- almost 12 hours a night, and I'm still ready for another 12 a few hours after I wake up. I've been having a FEW disturbing dreams, but even when they're not disturbing I can remember every detail when I wake up and still can remember days after (which is not normal for me). I have a little bit of cramping and I feel like my stomach is less mushy than it was before. I also teared up during Forgetting Sarah Marshall (I must've seen that move 10000 times and never once shed a tear) and it's like my mood changes on the drop of a hat and I'm breaking out all over my face. Yet, my boobs are not sore at all. They seem like they're getting a little heavier though, but that could just be wishful thinking or all in my head :/

    I wanted to take an other test tonight but my boyfriend's reasoning is "we already know you are there's no point". He doesn't get that my body could just be going crazy!

    What do you ladies think?
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    It's very easy to make up symptoms. The best way is to wait until you missed your period!

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