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Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by kacee, Dec 21, 2009.

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    Dec 20, 2009
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    Hi all,
    so here's my situation.

    My OH & i have been TTC for about 5 months now, but no luck!

    When i was 15 y.o i started on Depo Vera injections every 3 months & i continued them up until i was 16 y.o, now i am 18.
    After stopping Depo Vera i hadn't got a period at all, up until september which it was only small drops, like spotting.
    But then on october 1st i bled for the whole month non-stop (full bleed).
    & now on december 21st, i have had no other type me bleeding.
    I went to see my doctor afew weeks ago & he got me to get a U/S and blood tests! The results came back normal, nothing wrong at all.
    So now i dont know why i cant concieve??
    Has anybody else had a menstrual cycle for a whole month without having one before or after?
    I dont know whats going on with my body :s
    I was thinking to ask my doc if there are any fertility pills/medicine he could prescribe me too, does anyone know any that actually work?

    P.s -
    and before i had my 1 month bleed i bought and tried an ovulation pre
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    Aug 24, 2008
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    yes! i had a very similar story and mine ended up well (with my dd), i had a few months with nothing and i kept poas and getting :bfn: i was so worried because i kept thinking i have to be pregnant. then i started af and it lasted almost 6 weeks (of course at first i thought it was a mc and rushed to doc to find out it wasnt) at week 5 i went to doc and got a u/s and they said everything looked fine. then bleeding stopped- i had a regular period in may of that year and conceived dd the next month. the doc said they had no clue why and they were super surprised to see me pregnant the next month....:happydance:
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    Nov 11, 2009
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    Depo takes ages to get out of your system. I had it for 3 years and I loved it suited me perfectly. I decided to stop it because I knew I wanted babies in the next few years so thought I'd use something else. I used only condoms until my periods settled back down. After 18 months I was getting periods every 21 days there abouts instead of my ususal 28. then I got a lovely surprise which resulted in my now nearly 4 year old son. Dont' know quite how he arrived, we must have been sloppy with condoms not that I can remember tho.

    So what i'm trying to say is even tho your periods are allover and it might take a while for some regularity and even get pg. Its also possible that you will get pg before it settles down again. Not much help really but at least i'm proof it can happen!

    Jo x

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