Oct 2, 2008
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Hiya..Names Danielle and im really new to his. Me and te b.f are Waiting to try for a baby. And i was just wondering if there is anything you could do to higher the chance of getting pregnant? Or is t just chance that you do? Could use some advice...

Thanks x x
welcome :)

You should probably get yourself some ovulation tests (you can buy them off this site) and start tracking your cycle. Then when you know you're ovulating, start .. you know... :sex: haha (or just do it whever you can!).. cos isn't there only like a couple of days out of each month where you can get pregnant?

Good luck!!!!
Thats what i was told and then other people are like no just do it wenever x x
There is a limited window in which conception can occur (the egg typically only survives for about 12-24 hours). If you know your cycle though you are in a better position to work out when that window may be and so get the bd in at the right time. If you don't know how long your cycle is or if you have an irregular cycle, then every other day would be a good idea I guess.
or if u and ur other half are like rabbits do it everyday, the more tiems u do it, the more of a chance u get pregnant
i wud recommend buyin "taking charge of ur fertility" by toni weschler this is fab, it tells u how2chart uknow lots do it on ere, including me sel, this pinpoints O by taking ur temop every morning at the same time, but it has so many other things that can help u pinpoint fertilite days, as u need2av sex 3-2-1 and day of O these r ur fertilite days, but depending on ur cycle lengh every ones is different hun, mine varys,and i do opk cos when u get a pos opk uv 12-36hr b4 u O so then u wud av lots of sex:)
but if u just had sex everyother day from cd8 to cd20 ish (again depending on lenth of cycle) then u be fine, but after a few mth i think with2much the sex(unless u do it all time anyways) it does seem 2get less n less and when u av pinpointed ur fertilite days for sure then most consentrate on gettin these days in, u be fine hun, if ur intrested in this book its usually £18 but ive a site online its £13 brand new free international delivery !!
tell u something funny, my phone has something on it called womens life and it has a pink schedule on a calender, it has pink for the dates of your period, orange for pregnancy and green for ovulation, how great is that!!!:happydance:
if you calculate your cycles then you can work out the best time to TTC. There are loads of info on the NHS website. Also if you can get as healthy and fit as possible this really helps fertility

Good luck
Hey guys, this is Ryan on her account. It turns out she didn't actually love me and said everything about our future just to make me happy. So that post is a complete front.

Ive never felt so hurt...
Sorry, forgot I had an account. But yeah, im pretty much ruined.
I'm OK thank you. Just all the truth came out earlier and I'm finding it hard to cope.
when did this happen then? and are u sure she wasnt just saying it because she was hurt and wanted to hurt u by saying what she said?
aww mate i dont kow what to say, just keep ur chin up mate, u will find some one better :hugs:

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