TWW and beyond and very confused? Any advice please...

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    DPO Diary August 27th first day of last period. Ovulated on 9th September.

    2 dpo Cervix Is middle hight soft but firm like nose can fit tip of finger in and got white stretchy cm

    5 dpo Cervix is soft and mushy and high and closed in the morning @ 8am
    Cervix firm and mid way and open @ 1pm

    6dpo 2:30pm cervix low and swollen and open with a few cramps and nausea

    7dpo Cervix low and firm.
    Had a feel of my cervix which is still swollen but also feels a bit firm, pressed cervix together to check cm and stretchy yellow tinged discharge with streaks of blood mixed in. Had a cup of tea this morning and was feeling sick afterwards which normally happens when I'm pregnant also been feeling really tired and hungry today too.

    8dpo Cervix feels swollen like a donut and can fit tip of finger inside it.
    Position half way
    Symptoms ~ dizziness and nausea.

    9dpo Cervix is low and feels thin can still fit tip of finger inside cervix and also got a load of non breaking clear stretchy cm this evening.
    Symptoms ~ dizziness, tiredness and hunger with a tiny bit of nausea this morning whilst out walking. Temperature 37.8 Celsius

    10dpo 07:35 am. Cervix soft like lips, high and wet tip of finger still fits in but not as much as yesterday. Still feel sick this morning as like yesterday and nipples feel pinchy.
    Feels like I'm wet all time but nothing showing when I go toilet.
    Feel dizzy too and craving croissants.
    Feel kinda confused today as well.
    Feeling rather horny, and it's frustrating me lol bcoz my husband is working.
    Wondering if to test or not yet so might go get a test.
    17:05 been loo and checked my cm and it's slimy and white but some clear mucas in it too.
    Still feeling sickly and feeling like my body wants to hibernate.

    11 dpo 11am soft cervix and high cm was stretchy and didn't break but not a lot of cm just a string of it 11:16am just gaged on a croissant and frew up.
    23:00pm cervix low and soft like lips and stretchy clear and milky mucas unbreakable when stretched, breast feels like there both on fire around the nipples and very itchy skin
    00:41am temp is 38.2 Celsius

    12 dpo Not checking my cervix today bcoz I feel swollen down there tmi ano.
    Symptoms 13:42 feel like I'm gonna burst I to tears and feel bloated and really depressed like I don't want do anything except sleep and be in silence, achy feeling in abdomen ad cramping. Temp 36.8 Celsius 15:40 pm feels like AF is coming and feeling really moist and wet cervical discharge too and milky.
    Decided to check cm at 17:00pm. went loo and just touched my cervix it's that low I didn't need search for it and it's firm and closed and cm was like jelly and wobbly and stretchy white clear and a touch of yellow mixed together. 19:45pm temp 37.4 Celsius

    13dpo 07:45am couldn't reach cervix properly but when I did find it it was closed.
    12:58 very bad cramping and feeling like AF is coming and moody as hell and feeling sick
    Symptoms -feeling sick, gassy and bloated tummy and craving a buttery mash potato with philidalphia cream cheese (yummy).
    No sign of AF coming so we will have to wait for what tomorrow brings.

    14 dpo day of the start of my period.
    11:12am cervix soft and high, cramp in lower tummy and feel swollen and sore in vagina area. Constipated too. 13:00 felt damp so put a sanitary towel on but still no sign of AF even tho I've got cramping and pain.
    16:37pm right bb hurting
    18:35pm cervix seems closed and firm and mid way still having cramps but no AF as arrived still. Looking good and will test Friday if still no show for AF.
    21:36 temp 36.9 Celsius

    15dpo woke up with with a really bad headache. Still no sign that AF will arrive and my cm is stretchy but not too stretchy and milky colour. Cervix more high and closed.

    16dpo very sore bb's all day cervix still feels high and closed but not as closed as you would be of you had never had kids I've had 2 so closed to me would be the very tip of my finger, cramps but no sign of AF still but took a cheap pregnancy strip test but it was negative.

    17dpo cervix kinda soft but feels tight around cervix making it feel more closed and kind of high but not too high and a jellyfish discharge clear to white in colour, still no AF either still.

    18 dpo still no AF and cervix high soft and very closed today.
    Pains right side of abdomen and sore boobs

    20dpo still no AF cervix mid length and open slightly, and just a but if dizziness nothing else.

    21dpo a blob of cm very thick, yellow tinged but clear with a bit of white and a tiny speck of blood.
    No symptoms today.

    22dpo cervix high and soft to firm and open a bit of clear discharge from both nipples when pressed.
    Getting AF cramps but no sign of bleeding. Cervix felt squishy in the afternoon. Electric shock kind of feeling on left side of abdomen.

    23dpo couldn't feel cervix this morning at all, sore nipples and bloated and feel a little bit sick. 15:31pm bleeding,18:30pm bleeding stopped

    24dpo no sign of bleeding this morning ? I'm confused but I got a doctors appointment this morning so will get to the bottom of why I'm getting a negative no AF then having a light bleed yesterday.
    Slight bleeding from 12pm not a lot tho but enough to wear a panty liner.
    Bleeding stopped again this evening and I'm getting flutters in my abdomen, and wind bubbles as if I'm hungry.

    25dpo pains in abdomen but took my self to hospital where they have taken my blood and I'm just waiting for results to come bck b4 they can send me for a scan. Blood test came back negative so no scan had a skid markish stain on pad brown in colour.

    26dpo still no period showing and spot bleeding finished. No bleed at all today except when I wiped I had a clear jelly like discharge with a tiny tinge of orange.

    27dpo no bleed what so ever and getting confused now AF cramps and nausea feeling and extremely tired all time.
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    Anyone been through this? Could I still be pregnant as I've had 4 pregnancy a b4 so my body is telling me I'm pregnant but test are showing I'm not ??

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