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Discussion in 'Two Week Wait' started by angelface2, Oct 4, 2013.

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    Ok ladies

    Period due today just thought I had started went and had a wipe and it is yellowish mucus?!

    I don't normally have this or noticed it before.

    No pain in stomach yet which I normally get when due even more so when my ibs is flared.

    Symptoms up until now; (tmi be aware)
    Cm - watery
    Cm - thick
    Ewm - thick (blob of this in my panties)
    asleep by 8pm most nights not like me
    13dpo - blob of yellowish mucus (felt like I had wet myself)
    Bb's ache a little not too sensitive but noticeable when touched
    Sicky/nausea feeling
    Cold then hot sweats

    I do have my period spots!!
    Past few days I have been full if cold blocked nose , headaches disorientated,very weak,no taste
    Or smell, weird sleeping patterns and dreams !

    Ladies any advice would be appreciated! I'm being negative thinking the witch will stop by later on! Been ttc for 2 years !! Last months af was weird I started on the 3rd and had a massive bleed on the 5th I had literally gone to the loo went back to my office and I thought I had literally wet myself when I went to the ladies it was just everywhere (sorry tmi) after that the period was done not even a full three days and that day it was like it was all out of my system I didn't even feel it!! Is that crazy or what?!

    So now sitting around waiting for the witch to arrive! I think I will be so disheartened when/if she does, this month has been an amazing month for symptoms, I don't chart or keep tabs on my bbt or cm but this month has been weird I noticed something and felt different, I know this could all be in my head but fingers crossed please🙏
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    Good luck hun, waiting for the update!

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