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Underwater baby :)



So yesterday DH was giving max a bath and decided it was time max learned what underwater felt like lol

So blew in his face ( causes them to hold there breath) and put his head underwater lol my lil bugger opened his eyes and didnt even cry once he came out..me being a worry fart was ready with the succion pump lol

Now question that arrose is can we teach him to swim now or is he too young ?
DH said they thougth him at 5 months by throwing him in the water ??? and he came back up alone ..well he dam well knows that aint gonna happen with max lol

so how can I teach him , I always hold him on his tummy and he kicks and moves his arms sooo...?
I know there is a swim class for 6 month plus at my local YMCA, and I can't wait to take Bren. Maybe look for something like that.
I'm taking my LO swimming this week if i get time, i don't think you can start too early.
I know in the UK they have a course of swimming classes for babies from 6 weeks old, though I'm not sure how much swimming they do initially. Over here it's Aqua Tots & Dinky Divers perhaps see if they have anything similar near you.

I'm planning on taking Lewis in the next couple of weeks, he likes having a bath so I'm hoping he'll like swimming......
I think its best to get someone else to teach him to swim. Us mom's panic too much. The professional know a lot more about it that we do. I was also just thrown in the pool before I was a year old and was taught to get myself to the side of the pool. We lived on a farm with dams etc so it was important for us to be "drown" proofed.

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