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Discussion in 'Cloth Diapers / Nappies' started by Minimin, Jan 28, 2011.

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    Hi ladies,
    I am expecting a little one in March- more than likely baby will be early so I want to get some clothe nappies in.

    I have read several of the guides and stuff on this board but still a little unsure and think the only way is if I get a few in to try. To begin with I am just looking for GN BTP ones. Not sure which brands are best.

    Ideally, I would like Nearly New ones so if you have any or advice as to how I can get some I would be grateful.. I have checked the other posts but thought I would put a separate one out as well. I'll also keep looking :flower:
    Many thanks :kiss:
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    Have you had a look on Ebay? There are usually quite alot of second hand ones on there!
    Failing that have a look here - https://www.cheeksandcherries.co.uk/
    I have bought from them a few times and they've been brilliant. There is a brief list of pros and cons for each type of nappy and other bits of information which i found very handy! :thumbup:

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