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Sep 4, 2006
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Rubie got loads of presents for Christmas and her birthday, however, 99% of them she isn't interested in or they are too old for her/too summery (eg garden toys). She loves her dolls and pram, and her discovery dome. She wont go near her rocking reindeer or her bounce and spin zebra, or her drop and roar dinosoar. The rest she just ignores. What did you find to be a godsend and what do you wish you could take back?
colby got a bumbo from MIL wich after a few days she learned how to climb out of and fell luckily she didnt hurt herself just got a fright, she got a wooden rocking horse wich is still in the box, cos we got no room for it

best thing she got was a fisherprice musical stars gym, she loves it. it has 3 different setting so it will do her for a while but all the rest of the things she got for x-mas was a waste but she does sleep with her baby lulaby pooh thing :lol:

im dreading march when its her first birthday and Adeles is in april too and we just havent got the space for anymore toys :lol:
rebecca got that zebra too-NFI (not fucking interested!) :D

Godsend-I havent found one yet :cry:

She has tonnes of toys, too much, but nothing keeps her amused for any length of time :twisted:
i got this for Dior when she was 10months old last christmas i was gutted as she haed it. now she is older i cant get her off it. so dont worry kim she will start to love it when she is bigger x x
I didnt get Charlie that much (tight cow!!) She hasnt bothered with the drop and roar, and the Lotty Ladybird is too wide for her. The leappad is no good at the mo, as she tries to rip the book pages :roll: She loves her 2nd hand Fimbles :oops: and her Gloworm, my daughter is well weird and doesnt play much, only with stuff she isnt allowed haha. She loves Fimbles on sky, and will happily sit for the whole 15 mins watching it!!

She has a little Dolly that she just kisses all the time, but i want to get her a 'proper' dolly for her birthday, and a pram. Which did you get Roo Kim?? and one else any suggestions??
i just mainly got the kids things they needed :D chloe loves a tea set tht she got off my bm and callum loves his learning cube!!!
hels her pram was from argos it was £16.99 :D

and her doll is the baby born small one suitable from age 1 (£12.99)
Hels you have to get her this
its a godsend. its better then the pushchairs as you she can put all her goodies in this. Dior loves it so much. she has to have it in her room at night to go to sleep :lol:
i think it looks pretty too.

Dior used to have one of these
she loved it too. but she used to try and put every thing in it and they would fall out :lol:
she was so happy when we got her the new one for xmas
i got Dior the cabbage patch doll

every one hates them but i think they are lovely :oops:
Adele got this

plus 2 bags of fake money, 2 boxes of pretend food tins packets ect, 2 baskets and she loves it so much :lol: the little tanoide thing is pretty loud too we thought it was just pretend but it isnt :lol: well worth the money

i know your kids are too small for one of these but i highly recomend it for when they are a little older :wink:

Have been lucky with Seren, she has loved all her pressies. She loves pushing around her wheely bug, and plays for ages with her musical instruments and her little people stuff. But the best thing she got was her tub of wooden blocks. She will spend ages picking them out of the tub one by one then putting them back in. She slao loves it if you build a tower for her to bounce. Got them from woolies £10, a bargain.
Ella hates her bouncing tigger toy that Mil got her, she's scared of it. She's also not bothered by her discovery dome and wont go inside unless you entice her in, I think she'll prefer it when she's bigger. Her fave pressies are the dumper truck of big lego type block things (though she tries to climb in), her push along wooden trolley of wooden blocks (she's like Seren and likes them built up) and her rocking little Tykes thing my mum got her (she sits on it and watches CBeebies whilst I make tea).

After we've moved and got more space I want to buy her one of these https://www.adventuretoys.co.uk/prodpage.asp?ProdID=707 out of her birthday/xmas money as she plays on the one at playgroup for the whole time we're there.
Noah loves all his toys, but we always have family check with us before they buy stuff, so we tell them what we want. And were wernt overloaded, like at Xmas he got lots of clothes instead of toys, cause he got plenty of toys for his birthday.

One one toy I hate with a passion though is a pull along shape sorter car from the elc. The on/off bbutton is a huge press button on top, so noah just bumping into it turns it on, and then it just keeps going off by itself to remind you its still on. So I have taken the batteries out!
Ella got this off grandad and she loves it


shes not that interested in the gobble and go hippo we got her, or the leappad as she also just trys to grab the pages. i think it will be good for when she is older though.

she loves this too


and she likes her box of mega blocks she likes destroying my houses and just putting the blocks in and out of the box.

she also got the pushchair that dior had and a my first baby annabel which was 1 + she gives her kisses and trys to drink out of her pretend beaker!

oh and the aquadraw! which I would recomend she sits and scribbles on it but loves it!
kacy loves the xlophone(sp?) that laura got her and her webbles thing that my parents got her, other then that she is really not that fushed with them, i have put some of her toys away for the time begining just in her room and then i'll change them around every couple of months so she might start playing with them, i got kacy a cheap pram from tesco it only cost me 4 pounds its gone down a bit now to 2 pound. its simlar to the one dionne showed

I'm glad i didn't pay anymore money for the pram cos my grandad her great grandad got her a silver cross pram for christmas she can't use it yet but i'll see what she is like near the end of this year cos its only from 3 yrs plus
Lauz Rubie got the learn around playground too, I forgot about that. Not intersted in the slightest :(
Kim, where was her Baby born from???? I cant find one anywhere for under 3's!!
Ella got a Baby Annabell from Mothercare that's for 1 year plus, she tries to steal it's dummy which is really weird as she only had one for a couple of weeks when she was 7 weeks old!
kim&roo said:
Lauz Rubie got the learn around playground too, I forgot about that. Not intersted in the slightest :(

Rebecca got that too, not interseted, we got it for £30 in toys r us, bargain! :D
Hels, the baby born for 1yr + are in Toys R Us and my local toy shop, I could get you one if you like? KX I got it for £30 half price at Toys R Us too!! Does Rebecca like it?

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