We have the neighbours talking!


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Nov 8, 2006
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Well as it is we have the largest house in our street, which is quite a classy road, we are by far the youngest people on the street with everyone else retired and reasonably wealthy. The day we moved in we brought over our 5 cars including a porche 911, and have been constantly having builders in and expensive bits of kit deliviered as we do the house up, then promptly bought another car in January. So already they must be wondering if were lottery winners or something, or successfull business moguls.

Now today through OHs work we had our house and driveway in particular used for a photoshot for the new BSM campaign, so have had potographers, models and art directors etc swarming all over the place taking pics, cutains have certainly been twitching, and we have found it really amusing to see our neightbours trying to find excuses to go in their front gardens etc, to have a look and try to get on camera, or one neightbbour that didnt realise till they stepped outside their front door, then imidiatly started strightning up their hair lol! So now we are the interesting film makers across the street or something lol!

sorry to be nosey but how come its all being done at your place? are you and your OH in parnership with BSM or something?
My OH is a graphic designer and the firm he works for have the contract for BSM and RAC (all the same company) and they were arranging a photoshot for the new campaign. (They have got sponsorship for the TV program Skins) and they needed a suitable driveway etc for the shoot, so OHvoluteered our house.

So you will prob see our house etc on some advertising posters and stuff for BSM lol!
LOL Cat that is great, i would have been loads more up front though and asked what was going on!!!
But i'm a nosey bint Lol

I love it when curtains start twitching! ... any excuse to cause a stir

Good on ya!!
wow you must be rich!!!!
i remember befroe you said you earned spot on the same amount me and kris earn. so how come you have all that and i dont :(
is it a new 911?

im not green!!!! honest:mrgreen:
Well we used to earn a lot more cause I worked full time too, plus I got on the property ladder at 18, revovating and selling at profit, and OH bought his family home off his mum at a good price, so we ave a lot of equity, hence small mortgage and no debts to pay off. Most of the cars are all classics, whuch its OHs hobby to restore, so they dont cost much to buy as we strip them down and rebuild

So our outgoings are small (both dont drink or smoke either) we are both carefull with money, so we ave a good amount of disposable income.
Well done ! i wish i could say we were in that position!
but we are one of many who have lots of debt - luckily hubby got on the housing ladder when he was 21, so we have managed to get a bigger house.
Good for you Cat, hope you enjoyed it and helped to reel them all in ;)

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