Wee bit of pink on tp...6dpo

Discussion in 'Two Week Wait' started by mrshanna, Jun 5, 2011.

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    Feb 4, 2011
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    Why did I have to see that bit of pink???:shrug:

    Now I will be freaking out:wacko: for the next week until I can test. I am a symptom-spotting addict as it is without having something like this happen to encourage the insanity!!!

    It is going to be SUCH a long 8 or 10 days.

    My cycle was only 25 days last time, which is sooo odd for me, so I have no idea when to truly expect af...just to add to the drama!:haha:
  2. Hi Mrshanna,

    I am 4 or 5 dpo today (4 according to Fertility Friend, 5 according to my OPK, EWCM and cramps) and noticed a pink streak and a small spot of creamy very light pink CM! I've not had this before, ever, but I am trying not to get hopeful. But I hope it's a good sign for both of us!

    Helen x x

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