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  1. Charlotte-j

    Charlotte-j Mum of 2.

    Jun 20, 2008
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    does this sound ok?

    birth 5lbs 9.5oz
    3 weeks 6lbs 3oz
    4 weeks 6lb 2oz
    5 weeks 6lbs 8oz
    6 weeks 7lbs
    7 weeks 7lbs 3oz
    8 weeks 7lbs 10oz

    most weeks the health visitor has a go at me, sayin too much or not enough weight gain. also this only seems to happen when there is no one else to hear her comments.

    yesterday she had a go at me cos i feed her as she wants it, but make sure she doesnt go longer then 4hrs, she reckons i should feed her at 4hrs no sooner no later.

    she always says little comments which make me feel like im doing everything wrong :cry:
  2. reallytinyamy

    reallytinyamy Mum and step mum

    Nov 29, 2007
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    You are doing nothing wrong. She is gaining weight and is happy and healthy. Youre a great mummy.

    I'm glad i only see my HV when I ask to! (never)

    The right thing to do for your baby is what you feel is best.

    For the record my HVtold me to feed on demand and never let her go longer than 4hrs?! Who's right do you think?
  3. lorrilou

    lorrilou Well-Known Member

    Nov 6, 2007
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    totally agree with you.

    i only go to baby clinic when i have too. They seem to have a great way of making you feel crap!!

    i feed/fed both of my kids on demand.
  4. fairywings

    fairywings mum to Amy and Angel Ryan

    Aug 29, 2008
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    God, my health visitor is nice, she has always supported the way I feed my baby and the fact urs is having a go is out of order and I would report her. Considering your baby was 5lb odd at birth and now nearly 8lb i would say that is a really good weight gain. Also I agree that you should feed them when they need it. My health visitor always says that they will work of any extra weight when they learn to crawl and walk. I would really report the HV!

    The baby clinic is also nice to go to, you should not have to go to anywhere or see anyone who talks down to you. I wouldn't. :(
  5. clairebear

    clairebear Mummy to 2 handsome boys.

    Oct 13, 2007
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    my hv is nice but i only go to clinic to get him weighed then im outta there.

    hun she is putting on weight and is happy thats the most important thing all babies gain weight differently x x

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