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Welcoming Baby Addy!


Momma of my 4 Boys!
May 20, 2008
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Okay So Miss Adeline is now 11 days old I decided I will write one of these up while the details are still fresh in my mind! Her birthdate Is March 26th 2022!

So I went in for a routine NST on Monday the 21st of March where they discovered I had developed High blood pressure, which isnt good given my history of Pre E. So I did some blood work, then I waited around to find out what was going to happen. They told me I could stay and wait for the results or I could go home and they could call me with an update and a plan. So i opted to go home as i was bored sitting in Triage and I had been sitting there for about 2.5 hours already. Once I got home about 3 hours later I got a phone call saying that I wasnt positive for Pre E but given that my blood pressure was on the rise they wanted to induce me this week.. They told me to call in the morning and I might be having a baby that day!

So Tuesday at around 8 I made the call, they were swamped, it was fine anyway as I had to go and drop my older kids off with there dad as it was spring break, So they told me to call back at lunch time. So i spent some time with my mom and met her sister then we got some lunch and headed home. I made the call at 1 and they told me it was a no for today and to call again tomorrow.

So I called in on Wednesday and it was the same story. Except I got a call from L&D saying it will for sure be Thursday so call first thing in the morning.. So on Thursday I called in and they said they will call me at shift change so I had a nap while I waited. and again it was a nope because they had no open rooms because they had a bunch of laboring moms. But I was to come in for a NST.. So i went in for my NST at around 3. They had the on call doctor come in and talk to me and explain that they wanted to do it on friday as it was safer incase there was any complications so they had the staff available for it..

SO FINALLY friday I called at 6 and they told me to come in for 730. My boyfriend was still asleep. and I dont drive so I went and took the taxi to the hospital. He text me and asked where i was lol I said hospital. He was shocked I actually got in for friday as we were begging to think it wasn't going to happen at all this week.. So i got in and hooked up to the NST they monitored baby girl and all was good. so the doctor came in and felt for babe and said her head wasnt head down any more. it was a little off to the side.. Thats just great I thought.. They did a bedside ultrasound to confirm and she was head down just her head was a little off to the side.. They decided to insert Cervadel anyway as with some strong contractions they were hoping it would force her to get into the right position. So once the cervadel was inserted they hooked me back up to the NST for a hour to monitor then after that they shipped me off to my room.. I had texted my boyfriend and let him know what was going on.. He called in his sister to watch H and X and then he joined me at the hospital.. I was bored but was contracting a little. I labored most of the day.. at around 6 I was feeling defeated as I had only Dialated to a 2 and I was contracting really hard by this point. I wanted an epidural. But at this point baby girl was still head to the side so they decided to pull the cervidel for the night and give me a rest. I was in tears the contractions were so intense, I defiantly felt better once the cervidal was removed. I then got some morphine and gravol to help me get some rest.. I ended uo having a small panic attack once my boyfriend went home for the night so the nurse suggested I have a bath or a shower, so I did and felt much better.. Once i had been in there for 20 minutes I had to get out as i was feeling tired. I had a good night sleep that night, even with the nurse coming in every 4 hours to check my blood pressure!

The next morning I got some breakfast. I tried to eat toast but ended up throwing up. The nurse came in and did a NST then I went and had a bath while I waited for the OB. As soon as i got out of the bath the OB was in the room.. She explained to me exactly what was going to happen told me the risks. She was going to break my water but baby A was still up super high so there is a chance that her cord could slip and come down first and if that happened i would be rushed for an emergency C section. I was nervous but we carried on. She did a controlled break of my water and drained it for around half an hour. then hooked me up to some Oxytocin to get me contracting.. I asked for my epidural right off the hop so they went and ordered that, My bf was with me right after they had broke my water so I felt more at ease. at around 1130 they person came to insert the epidural, it went in like a dream it pinched a bit. not really pinched but felt like a lot of pressure. Once it was in it worked a little to well. It froze me from my neck down, it was super scary and my blood pressure dropped so they had to give me meds to bring my blood pressure up and Baby A's heart rate kept dipping too so they had me move to try and get her heart rate up. every time I rolled over i felt like i was going to get sick. finally after about 4 rolls from side to side i ended up throwing up! then I fell asleep. The epidural made me really nauseous. at around 1 I sent my bf home to eat some lunch I said that it was going to be a while still. So he left and told me to message him if it was go time, we don't live that far from the hospital maybe a 10 minute drive. I had a catheter placed in as i couldn't feel my legs. They kept doing the ice cube test on me and I had to keep reminding myself to breathe as I was that frozen.. They turned it off until I got some feeling back. They said it is very rare for that to happen. at around 2 I was feeling tons of pressure so they said they would check me.. I was a 6!! 20 minutes later I was at a 8, I called my bf back I said it was almost push time.. by time he got to the hospital i was at a 9.. at around 250 they let me do some pushes I still had a bit of cervix to push around but the ob had her hand up me holding that cervix so that i could push around it. they had brought in the vacuum as she was not descending on her own and thought i was going to need a little assist. I was pushing and stopped and said "My epidural is not working" lol so they got me to push the button to make more medicine come in but it never worked. So i did gas and air to help with breathing but that just made me super light headed. I Pushed again then I stopped and said "I don't want to push any more" the OB said "You don't really have a choice you either push her out or you will need the vacuum to get her out!" So i pushed some more and I was screaming by this point. The OB literally had to reach her hand up and pull baby A out because she was not coming on her own!! at 3:18pm my beautiful daughter entered the world weighing in a 7lbs1oz!

After she was out I spent a few hours just holding her and loving on her. I had to have help going to the bathroom as I was so light headed, I stood up and collapsed they helped me go to the bathroom then wheeled me back to my bed. and for my second pee i called for assistance but i was better and could actually walk on my own!

we got to come home after just 24 hours in the hospital and Addy is doing phenomal and adjusting well. she is the most chill baby ever hardly ever fusses! She is my last so I am soaking up all the babyness!! 4 boys and 1 girl. I love my big family!

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Aw well done mummy you did very well. What a sweetheart <3 Congratulations x
Congratulations hun! So happy for you :cloud9:
You did really well.
She's beautiful <3

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