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what age did ur LO walk?


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Mar 4, 2007
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Hi all,

Amelia is now 12 months n 3 weeks old.. she can stand and has been able to for a good few months now. She can also pull herself along holding onto the furniture, but when we try and hold her up to walk, she won't have it!! She is v v lazy hehe!! what age did your little ones take those first steps alone?? Just curious cuz my friends bab is not even one yet n can walk!!
Adele didnt start walking till she was about 16 months i think long time ago :blush: and Colby has just started pulling herself onto her feet and walking round furniture but she would rather crawl than walk :lol:
Dior was 12months when she took her first steps but didnt walk proply till she was about 15months
Harley was 1 a few weeks ago he can stand holding on the furniture and walks round holding on to the sofa, but he wont walk.

im not to fussed though i like him staying a baby as long as possible
Ella took her first steps by herself at 9 and a half months and by 10 and a half months she was fully walking and no longer crawling. They will do it in their own time, Ella is so independant so probably why she wanted to walk so early. just keep encouraging her by holding out a toy or soemthing she likes to play with and before you know it you will be willing her to crawl again lol
jonny go up from crawling one day and walked. He never cruised. He was 10 and a half months
chloe was a day under 1 lol, callum is still just crawling :D
Gabriel was nearly 18 months, Alisha was 14 months
Maddie stands but no steps yet trying but not that interested now she can crawl lol

Charlie was 15 months,

Ethan was 13 months

Coby was 12 months

thanks everyone... every child is different I see. I knew that anyway but I was just curious bout others little ones :) xxxxxx
I'm still waiting!:blush:

She took her 1st steps about 6 weeks ago, but is not walking unaided yet!

Its a confidence thing with Bex tho.

I worry she is getting old but I am told by the Dr anytime up until 18months is fine.xxx
aww keep us posted KX.. would love to know when Rebecca walks unaided. The only reason I am worrying (well, not so much worrying but egging Amelia along) is because I am going on hol end of June to visit my old work mates (I used to work at Butlins skegness) and I wanna be able to go 'look at my big girl.. she is walking' LoL. She will be nearly 15 months by then so maybe she will be. I just wanna be the proud mother. I am anyway no matter what age she walks cuz I know she will walk in her own time but it would be great if she was walkin by then thats all .. :p
whoops... just read that back and it sounds like I aint proud of her unless she walks!!!! my comment came out wrong 'I 'AM' the proud mother' xx lol
today Colby has started getting onto her feet and holding our hands to walk so im really chuffed :lol:

Enjoy it just now hun cos when they are on their feet thast when the fun really begins :lol::lol::lol:
Maddie still stands .... no steps lol she likes dancing instead lol


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