what are the symptoms of lactose intolerence?

Discussion in 'Formula Feeding' started by louise1302, Apr 9, 2009.

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    Jul 24, 2008
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    archie has always been a fussy feeder he had a stomach bug at 10 days old and after vthat i had to change his milk from aptsmil to c+g

    he had a throat infection last week and was on penicillin and his feedings gone awful he will take betweem 1 and 3 oz and then be screaming and refuse to take the bottle back he just arches his back and screams...sometinmes he will take it back after 20 mins ish and have another oz but other times we have to give up

    hes dropped from 30-36oz per day to 12ish

    i thought he might have thrush and have been using nystatin but he sucks his dummy just fine
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    iv been lactose intolerant since birth and my mother has always told me she noticed an itchy looking rash on my skin some times, blood in poo and i used to scream after feeds and she noticed white lumps in my mouth, their are various symptoms but woudl be best to get him checked out by ur GP to make sure it could be a variety fof things the lil 1 culd just be under the weather! my lil bro who is now only 18months never used to eat hardly anything when he was under weather it was a struggle to get him to take his formula sumtimes!

    hope ur lil 1 gets beta soon x
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    my son is lactose intolerant hes 3 months old hes had it since birth but recently was diagnosed. he had blood in poo, hard stools, constipation followed by diarrhoea, arching back when feeding, refusing feeds, tummy pain, screaming fits, screaming when pooing. dark green poo with pellets, tired all the time and sleeping all day, looking lethargic, eczema,skin rash and target rash round the anus with little bumps on. it does sound like the milk thats causing the discomfort
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    Mar 4, 2008
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    Is your LO still on the antibiotics? They can cause a few stomach problems so maybe his stomach is a bit sensitive after taking them. You would usually see signs of lactose intolerance in LO's stools. However a friend of mine's LO had a really bad stomach bug and couldn't tolerate lactose afterwards and is now still on lactose free - he can take about 50% of his feeds with lactose but no more without getting an upset stomach. Have a word with our HV or GP see if they have any advice - if hes still on the AB's then I would just offer food little and often until he's finished the course and see if things improve or if its really bad go back to GP and get some different AB's.

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