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Alsha & Elliot

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Nov 14, 2006
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Hello all just wondering if anyone else is begining to wonder the sex of their baby :? :?: Or already know?
I have been quite sick this time around so i am thinking girl! I have my second scan 12th Feb and i am going to find ou this time :)
Hi Alsha, welcom to second tri. I know what Im having but not telling anyone so I cant speculate!

Do you have any names picked?
I think so, not really talked about it much. I think we will talk about it more once we have had the scan X
I started off thinking Girl but now I'm thinking Boy, well it's 50/50 isn't it :lol:

We have the 20 weeks scan next week but we're still not sure whether to find out or not :-k

If i find out i will tell you all just keep it a secret from our families. i just can't wait until feb 12th? :wink:
We're not going to find out until they arrive. It's quite exciting with twins, especially knowing that they are non-identical... could be two girls, two boys or one of each.

OH thinks it's one of each, but I don't really have any strong feelings either way. I keep changing my mind depending on I feel each day! :lol:
Cat said:
Hi Alsha, welcom to second tri. I know what Im having but not telling anyone so I cant speculate!

Do you have any names picked?
Aww why you not telling :( :lol:
Helen it is lovely you are not going to find out, i didn't with Elliot and it was a lovely surprise! its just last time towards the end it really did get to me with family and friends guessing i would have liked to know as i was the mother! Anyway if Andy gets his way we wont :? Oh well there is time yet to get him to come round to my way of thinking :wink:
hi alsha ive havent been sick as much as i was on my little boy morgan so i think i might be carrying alittle girl i would be so chuffed if it was as i have had 2 boys so it would be nice to have a girl i will be dissapointed if i have a boy but i will love him just as much but would really love a girl im finding out 19th jan so please all throw me pink baby dust

xxxx spunky xxxx

Im thinking boy this time cuz i feel completly opposite then i did with Kiara, but some days i think girl, will know first week of Febuary!! i cant help but not find out
Im to new to all this... so if its an obvious reason do tell...

BUT...why do you relate the extreme of your morning sickness to either a boy or girl? Or for example, if you had a boy and you weren't that sick, 2nd time you're more sick...why do you think that means your having the oppostie sex?

I've been vomitting like a gooden...any guesses? lol

Nat x

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