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Nov 30, 2006
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Hello, hope everyone is well.

Is there anyone else who has had so much bother with there due dates???

I have now been given 4 different dates each one getting later and later. Going by my cycle I am due on the 14th of December - hooray not long.

After having a small malteser bump as my chum Karrina likes to call it I have been given two growth scans both giving different due dates.

At the last scan my baby weighs 6lbs and perfect size wise for them.

Any advice??
i was always told they go by your 12 week scan. x x
I have to have a growth scan at 36 weeks, to check the growth too, although my dates have remained the same, I know they do change the dates if the scan is 1 week out from the last scan etc...
im hoping it wont be too long before he is here - had niggles since Friday and really sore back.

I was told that castor oil is great to bring on labour - anyone tried this???
YUK!!!! :lol: I have heard it, but I wouldn't try it! BUT........

I have heard that raspberry leaf tea is ace for bringing on labour, (you can get capsues too) it helps the uterus contract and tone up and also helps with milk supply :wink:
Will need to try that Kx was telling me pineapple as well.
I did :D I also told you raspberry leaf tea but don't think you believe me, and a good old sex session! hormones in sperm do the trick :wink:
KX said:
I did :D I also told you raspberry leaf tea but don't think you believe me, and a good old sex session! hormones in sperm do the trick :wink:

and tweaking your nipples for an hour :? :lol:
Whatever takes your fancy Tam :lol:
i tried castor oil a week ago :oops: DIDN'T work lol tasted gross and i wouldn't recommend the *ahem* "after-effects" LOL main thing, it didn't work, it gave me contractions 2 mins apart, lasting close to a minute each for 40 minutes (was waiting a full hour befoe going to the hospital) and after 40 minutes they just stopped. that was it, nothing else. so i wouldn't try it :D
sex id say lol and loads of it!!!!
Kx I do believe you - your in the wrong profession I tell you.

My partner tried to get me the castor oil from our pharmacy but seemingly they do not do it any more.
Tell Fred Lewis is NOT ready to make his appearance into this world yet :lol:
I will tell him hun think he is fed up of my moaning.

Got the midwife today.
oooh glad your on joanne!!!! reflexology is meant 2 kick start labour too!!!!
anywhere near you do it? is a bit pricey at about £20-£30 a session(30 mins - 1hr) but everyone i know whos had it have went in2 labour no less than 2 days later :D
Im not to sure if anywhere near by does it but I will definately find out - had such a rubbish time today at my midwife will try anything.

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