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what music are you listening to or tv programme are you watching right now?!?!?

Arctic Monkeys - bet you look good on the dance floor
i have the radio on. and at the moment it if puff daddy - every step i take i will be missing you.
its sad really as my mum always crys to it as it reminds her of her mum
Right now all I can hear is people typing lol but I am addicted to Muse's "Black holes and revelations" album at the moment.

Other half was playing Abba songs quite loudly last night though :wacko:
im seeing Muse soon, they are headlinging teh festival, cant wait, i love them :)

My chemical romance - i don't love you and have Nick Jr blues clues on too lol
None....Only 8:21 AM Here and Im at work....But does it count that I have Love Stoned by Justin Timberlake Stuck in my head?:dohh:

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