Whats happened to my little boy!?!?

Discussion in 'Baby Club' started by haggle-b, Jan 27, 2011.

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    Mar 16, 2010
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    My LO is nearly 5 months old and has changed so much these last few weeks and not all for the better :-(

    He used to go down awake for his naps, Id take him upstairs when he showed signs of getting tired. His afternoon nap used to last 2-2 1/2 hours. Now he fights going down for his nap, he screams if I try and put him down awake, today I had to rock him to sleep which is a habit I dont want to get into. He slept for 30ish mins and then was awake, I have since been to him 3 times to put the dummy in and try and soothe him back to sleep, he is still tired, he closes his eyes the minute i stroke his head but keeps fighting it.

    He also barely sleeps in the pram, so going out is a nightmare cos he fights sleep and then gets overtired cos he hasnt had enough.

    He grizzles a lot of the day apart from when hes being held and the odd 5 mins here and there. His toys, bouncer, jumperoo, playmat etc no longer entertain him as long as they used to. He prefers to be held, although sometimes grizzles whilst being held. He used to be content for so much longer.

    He messes around whilst feeding, taking a few sips and then pulling away from the bottle, trying to look around. He almost seems to get fed up of feeding and I really have to persevere to get the milk into him. I burp him to check his not uncomfortable. Ive tried faster teats but he struggles with them cos the milk comes out too fast. He used to love his bottle, lieing there drinking until it was all gone.

    And lastly (sorry for the ramblings!!) he wakes frequently at night. He used to go through 8pm - 7am without waking, but since he had a bad cold at xmas he wakes frequently. Obvioulsy I expected it whilst he was ill but hes still waking. I got up to him 8 times last night between 1am and 6.30am. I try not to go to him straight away to see if he can self settle but when he starts to be more vocal, almost crying I go to him. I pop his dummy in so I guess this could be the problem. Hes also always been swaddled, Im trying to wean him off that, his left arm is now free from the swaddle. But if he manages to get his right arm free he seems to hit his face with it and this obviously wakes him up.

    I really didnt mean to waffle this much, just wondered if anyone has / is going through the same. Please dont think Im moaning, I love him to bits, just struggling at the moment to know what to do for the best.
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    Aw hun :hugs::hugs::hugs: I dont really have much advise but wanted to give hugs.

    Is it possible he's teething?? Or has he got over his cold properly?

    My LO is messing with his bottle loads lately, pushing it away and pulling it back I think its coz he's found his hands :haha:. He also wont go down 'til 9.30-10pm where it was 7.30-8pm.

    Sorry I couldnt help more but just to let you know Im in the same boat on some things :flower:

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