When does your bump start showing?


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Aug 31, 2006
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Again I'm nosey - You see so many women who are MASSIVE yet have agers to go yet some that you would think only just fell pregnant!

Whats your experiences?

im 35 wks tomorrow and i only just started showin about 2 weeks ago. my friend is 32 wks and shes massive!!!!!!! no fair!!!!
with alexis i got HUGE at like 4 months, started showing at 3ish :S:S

with this baby i started showing around 4 months, and still am not HUGE, thank god :D the best is when people can tell you're pregnant :D i love that feeling so much :D
I showed quite quicley with all mine
about 3 1/2 months with Emily then went huge and had the most massive arse ever!!!! could tell i was PG from behind :(

2nd pregnancy i swear to god i had a tiny bu;lge with in 2 week of a BFP :shock:

And was showing by 3 month with jack, but just looked flabby really lol

Dunno if was 'cos i was so slim before or what
my mum had a small bump with me does that mean that i would be the same or does it not go on what ur mum was ??? when i get pregant and want the whole world know i am pregant :lol:
Can't remeber when started showing with ds I think around 4 to 5 months. With dd started to show ariund3 -4 months. This time I was trying to wait until 12 weeks b4 telling anyone but most people were starting to guess by 8 wks as starting to show. Now at 18 weeks I'm quite big. One girl at work said I looked full term already (she nearly got a slap) to which another girl replied you've not seen Caroline pg b4, by full term shes huuuuge (hich is v true). I should really post bump pics but too embaraased as my bump really is quit large :oops: :oops: :oops:
I am huge but then again know I will have a big bubba,been warned already,awww not fair and I thought babe was small for dates...

I am huge now I have been in maternity clothes since about 11-12 weeks but it is all belly nowhere else,nevermind be worth it,but I am having job putting tights on at mo,lol
On Charlie i didnt start showing untill about 19 weeks, but on Ethan and Coby i started showing at 11 weeks

I have a tummy (although I think maybe I'm the only one who can see it!) but it's all down to total lack of any exercise in the last 2 months and isn't baby related. :rofl:

Why is it you can have fat or thin days and no-one else notices? :?
I'm not showing, almost 10 weeks but I have a little pot belly anyway (size 12/14) so don't expect to look pregnant for quite a while.
But I have an awful gut feeling that I'm gonna end up with a backside the size of a bus :cry: I can't stop eating crap...help!

Charm X
Wobbles said:
Again I'm nosey - You see so many women who are MASSIVE yet have agers to go yet some that you would think only just fell pregnant!

Whats your experiences?


:cry: I am massive and look ready to drop NOW, but I still have 4 months to go.....

I ballooned last time too and when I still had 8 weeks to go, people would look at me like I was bonkers once I told them :shock: :roll:

Oh well, onwards and all that! :D
now i have started to have bump 4 months

with both my other pregnancies i have never had a bump until 5-6 months

spunky xx
I got huge really quickly but compared to how big I was with ds and dd I'm nowhere near as big. Rather ironic really smaller bumo yet more problems. :?

With Kiara i started showing at two months and grew fast , think its why she was a big baby 9 pounds 6 ounces.
This time i showed right away and have been in maternity since 6 weeks and even my maternity jeans from Kiara are getting tight so will have to buy more :twisted: am hoping for a smaller baby this time so i can have a natural birth
Well I started having an obvious to others if I showed them bump at about 17 weeks (I could see one at 13weeks)
17+ weeks
However it was easy to hide at work until I was about 24 weeks!
24+ weeks

I'm hoping to hide this one until at least 12weeks at work, I really don't want to be telling people until I'm out of my danger period. There are no signs yet, but I'm not quite 6weeks yet!
I look about six months pregnant with an arse the size of a double decker bus ...

I hate being fat .... [-(
well my bump is quite big now 26 weeks i dont think i was this big carrying the boys even my friend said my bump is quite big

I wish I could say that I had a bump, but nah, all I have is slight weight gain.
Everyone else can see a 'bump' but me. I think I have gained around 6lbs, but both myself and my mother weighed a tiny 6st7 when pregnant. Yes we do eat, I guess it's just our body frame.
I hear with your first baby you dont show as much as maybe your 2nd 3rd and so forth, so with me being as tiny as I am, I doubt i'll start showing until Im about 6 months which yes, SUCKS.
Though Im just happy for some weight gain, it'll keep the consultants off my back hopefully.
Cute belly's girls.
Right now I look 6 months! I always look big when I am pg!I hate it! ahhh
I remember I was pretty big for my 20week scan. there was only 3 weeks between me and my friend or something but I looked waaay bigger!

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