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    hi hun I was wondering if your still open. I had a go at making my own signature but i cant see it when its the right size. Please would you be able to make one for me?

    I would love one like yours where the photos are on the inside of a frame style thing. Would love a disney themed one.. Winnie the Pooh or Dumbo if possible.

    This is what i made and Id like it to have all of this information on it if possible.

    Below Are The Photos I Used and the information beside them..

    Seth Logan Our Special Needs Soldier 4th December 2009 40+6 5lb 140z

    Ethan Leslie Our Little Firecracker 3rd March 2013 38+5 7lb 8oz

    Rohan Thomas Our Little Fighter Fought For His Life 23rd December 2015 36+5 6lb 8oz


    and then around about it all is - preterm labour..Group B Strep..C-Section..Pre-Eclampsia..Forecep Delivery.. Failure To Thrive...Special Needs..Reflux...RSV..Bronchiolitis...Collapsed Lung...Bacterial Infection..Pneumonia..Intensive Care.. NICU

    Life Isn't About Waiting For The Storm To Pass... It's About Learning To Dance In The Rain.

    many many thanks if you can help xxx

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