why do people lie?


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Jun 19, 2007
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There's so many liars, not just about pregnancy (though on the forums my eyes have certainly been opened) but generally?

I just don't understand liars....

(sorry Sian 4 doing a similar thread to you did on the other forum)

There was a man who hubby and I encountered a few months ago, he was hiring out our music equipment without permission...when we found out there was hell on though, but still and he lied through his teeth

There's the fake pregnancies

There's the stupid gits pretending they have RSD/CRPS...hey if they want it they're more than welcome to have mine! I don't enjoy having it, that's a certainty!

Companies who say they haven't been paid when they have


the list is endless

lying is a part of life

no matter ho wmuch you hate it , people will always lie
I know, the world won't change it's ways just for me, lol

I just don't understand it!

Maybe it's just cause I'm hormonal that things are bothering me more at the moment
Annoying aint it. I own a website that receives dozens of email every week from people lying about transactions on their account so I've become a great bull shit detector.

LMAO @ "don't tell Mommy that I've already learned how to flip people off." in your signature.
lol, thanks stir, told OH bairn had already learned that, he grinned and said "that bairn gonna be so much like it's daddy!" lol

Wow about the emails though, but be head doing
I had a friend once who lied about everything...pathological liar. LOL She faked several pregnancies. As soon as she'd claim she was expecting, the rest of would bet on how long it'd be before she had a "Miscarriage." She lied about being raped! She lied about her college degrees. We started calling her "Dr." to fit her years of higher education. LOL The funniest lie of all though was priceless. She had gone out of town with her new boyfriend for a camping trip. She called to say her return would be delayed because she had...you guessed it..a miscarriage. Months later, we talked to her then, ex-boyfriend and he told us the truth. She was in the hospital, but not for what she said. Turns out, she let him have anal sex with her and she ripped! She had to have her ass sewn up! LOL
RSD/CRPS is a rare kind of nerve damage, - the pain receptors stop filtering pain messages so you feel every sensation all at the same time, for everything, even sound waves or a light breeze of someone walking near to you
ROFL about the anal sex though!

Silly tart, didn't she invest in KY??

see, i couldn't be friends with a compulsive liar, - I'd end up chinning them, - especially one who lied about miscarriage!
But can I ask if you think its bad to not tell the truth if you know the truth will hurt someones feelings....
But can I ask if you think its bad to not tell the truth if you know the truth will hurt someones feelings....

a white lie is ok sometimes...but there's a time for a white lie

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