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Sep 15, 2006
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Did you get my PM's? I know that you are really busy right now but I was just wondering?

Suz :oops:
Oh babe I did - An I'm so sorry I've been busy & looking after our Imi as much as I could an tbh most times I sat at PC I paid attention to work so I knew that was done (pays my wages) then off I pop type thing!

Sorry hun! :hugs:

Also the secret santa PMs I sent to all who got involved I've not read 70% of the replies just having a breather an a drink :drunk:

You ok?

Please don't think I'm rude I'm just a bit pre-occupied also I have sniffles & sneezes/sneeze an nearly piss meself type sneezes :rofl:
I know you are busy hanging out with Imi. I hope she is doing well. Say hi from me. I just wanted to make sure that the pay pal worked.

I dont think you are rude :oops: I was just checking. Hope you are not keeping toooo busy. Relax ITS FRIDAY.

Suz :wink:
Yer I just had to go back an read :oops:

It did - pending an e'cheque or something but on its way. Thank you so much :hugs:

Imi .. as well as can be bless her she isn't here this evening shes gone to see her Mum & get Maddie huggles, will be back tomorrow :D
Well that is good. I think it is wonderful that she can stay with you to get better. That is, if you two girls dont party too much. :lol:
Oh I'm trying to get her to party but she's not having it :lol: Bit hard to spot between wanting company & not type thing is all :rofl: Shes been great god love her - we're all gonna have a christmas day together then hopefully my OH will help her OH to move house an we will new year party with them :D
Thats great. That sounds like so much fun. Are you ready for christmas?
Suz I've just checked my emails from today & its actually cleared hun :hugs:

Yer just spent £160 :shock: Hence starting to drink at midnight :rofl:

Are you?
Im having a beer. Im waiting for the Stupid Gas Company to come turn on my stupid gas. :oops: :oops: :oops: We forgot to pay the bill. Tis so stupid cause it only heats our water. Bill is like $10 a month. So stupid. :oops:
LOL how long did they give you before cutting it?
Like one billing cycle. They didnt even call. Stupid people. Im so embaresed.
:evil: I hate things like that! An for so little :shock:
Yep. Cost me $30 extra to get them to turn it back on. :evil: Just call stupid people. Ill pay over phone. That is why Im going to set up auto pay. I hate paying bills.

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