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yay look at my little star


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Sep 1, 2006
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I took Ella for her pic taken for a competition, its online and the voting doesnt start til the 18th March, but the pic is already up, so you can have a look, have to register first but its really easy. Ella is on page 3 and she is file 28. And when the voting starts I'll bump this up :) :) :)

Ha Ha lauz no link again :lol:
OH MY GOD what is wrong with me! I tink Im getting old before my time becuase I forget everything lately! I'll add it now
Aww Lauz she looks gorgeous
what do you get if she wins?
She will win a 2 year modelling contract, £300 in cash, £100 to spend in hancock and wood (which wud all go on baby clothes :) ) I get 6 treatments of a medical glycolic face peel (*sounds nice!) and then various vouchers for the hair salon and beuty place.
Wow thats is great stuff!!!!!

she'll win it hands done babe
aww thanks, it will be fab is she does, theres some cuties on there though!
Aww she is a natural :wink: Whats a cute smile she has bless!

Some of the others kiddies are well cute too! :D
Lovely pic Laura! How did you enter? Jonny would have been great in the older category!
lyn i think u can still entre, i wanted to get kacy in their she was last year, but she had a cold and now i don't have any money to enter her.

Laura thats a brillaint picture of ella.
I've voted, c'mon girls get ya bums in gear!!!!
awwww what a little cutie pie :d i couldnt help but vote :happydance: do you think they will let us vote again like on the comp suz's dog was in, you could vote every couple of days 5 times?

good luck hun the prizes sound fab :D
awww thanks girlies, I really appreciate it! BTW Vicky's Kacy is in the competition too hint hint lol!

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