YEY My doppler just arrived :)


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Feb 21, 2007
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:happydance: yey .... anyone have any tips on when the best time to use it or best position to be in?

Thanks, Naimi x
OMG that was amazing. I didn't buy a digital doppler because they were way out of my budget, I got an Angelsounds one from ebay. Brand new £33 inc p+p. I thought I'd test my heartbeat out first, so that i knew i wouldnt misktake it and mine was about 80/90 beats per minute. Then I found the babies, faint at first and then i moved and it was loud and clear, i lost count after about 140 beats ..... it brought tears to my eyes, I'm so glad I got it :)

:happydance: Its amazing isnt it?
I do have trouble findin mine though sometimes but i always find him in the end!
Awww bless-
I bet you wont use it so much when the baby becomes overly active! I used mine enough to wear out one battery, after that, I never used it again- it got me too paranoid as I found myself counting babies HB way too much, worried that it was going too fast or too slow...
Yeah I found that too Sophie, I found it first time when I used it first of all, but the second time (my OH asked me to record it on phone and send it to him) it was harder to find, but I did eventually :)
Amazing to have I would get one again :D

x x
awww bless i loved the sound of Imogen's heartbeat
:happydance: Well done you.....not easy to find all the time!
It's a novely at the moment so I did it again this morning. It's definetly better done first thing before I've stood up, and possibly the incredibly full bladder helps too. It was alot easier to find and sounded a little calmer today, more like a train going over the tracks fast, than a rave going on in my tummy (that was what my OH said it sounded like yesterday afternoon lol). I'm sure once the movements start coming hard and often I won't use it as much, but for £33 i think I've got my money's worth already :)
I'm weird when my bladder is full I can't find HB lol!

Maybe your baby hides behind your bladder Wobs lol :)

Yesterday my bladder wasn't full and i found it fine, so maybe it was more about me being laid down for a while and doing it before I had stood up. I assume at the moment with the baby being so small compared to my uterus, it naturally sits lower in my pelvis when I've been standing.

Do you find it easier to find as your and the baby are getting bigger?
Sometimes I get it straight away other times not lol Always lay down too its very hard to find it sitting up well it is with my doppler anyway :D

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