You rascals!!


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Aug 31, 2006
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I thought I had a secret admirer or my OH found out how to send flowers :fool:

Oh guys I really don't know what to say (apart from calling Tam a crafty cow because she had my address :lol:)

I'm really touched & if i say any more I will cry.

Thank you so much it means so much to me :hugs: The flowers are GORGEOUS


I'll take a picture when I find a vase :hugs:
Glad you like them Charl :hugs:

Hope you realise that your not alone, we're all here for you to support you in any way we can :flower:

Charm X
You deserved them babes and all of us care so much about you

but all i can say is thank fuck you have them now cos i dont think i could have kept it much longer :lol: :lol: :lol:

take care babes and enjoy your surprise
your welcome, glad you got them before we all burst!!!!
Well deserved hun, although i wasnt involved in getting you this bunch :lol:
Glad you got them babe and you truely do deserve them!!!! It is just a token to let you know we are all here for you, no matter what!!

We have all been on tenter hooks, PMing to see if you have them yet and so on...... :lol: everyone has been checking the computer today to see if you had them! :lol:

Take care babe...............:friends: xx

Just also to add, we wanted to do a little something, but I didn't have the cheek to PM everyone to see if you wanted to be involved as I didn't want people to feel obligated, so I asked regular posters that have known Wobbles for a long time and mainly from pre-this forum and knows everything that she has been if you wasnt asked and would have liked to be involved, it is my fault and I am so sorry, but I just didn't want to sound cheeky or perhaps put some people into a horrible position so to speak, but we all know we are here for eachother on this forum and that is what counts! :hugs:
yeeeeay u got them at last!!!! ive bn biting my tongue all week!!!
Well your still sneaky wee buggers huh? :rofl:

My bear arived this morning too! Just after half bloody 7 may I add grabbed ab ox assumed it was an eBay win an sloped back to bed got up an sat with it unopened for agers an then thought 'I'm not expecting anything from eBay' 8-[

Hes sooooo sweet.

I'm all :blush:

Thanks girls x x x

I'm just uploading pics - I still have the bow & card from yours (Tootsie) & J's flowers & some pressed flowers in my book still to frame which I will do with these too :hugs:

Even Sami wanted a nose!!
Awwwwwwwwww they look great, glad you are pleased with them babe!!! :friends: xx
Awww they look gorgeous!
I'm glad the girls got you something, sorry i wasn't involved, i forgot to post the envelope! :oops:
lol @ my head all over the place!

Glad they made you smile

I know you all care as Tam said above so I have no idea who was or not asked if they would like to but a lot of you girls I know before I created this forum (well OH tecnically lol) & some new faces & you have all been great over the last months or weeks x

Really happy for you hun :D
I have a bear almost the same as yous only mine has a tartain scarf on its so soft and cuddly and i always cuddle into it when im feeling down :D

but im soooooooooo happy you have them both now and i can say a final last goodbye to you all and i dont need to worry about if you havent got your teddy yet :D

love you all and will speak to yous very soon
Oh hun I;ve had a horrid day & gave it a wee cuddle when it was on my desk :oops: :lol:

BUT I hope you catch my message on your thread if you have a contact number to text message I'd love to see how the move has been?

:hugs: Hope he cheers ya up babe......bloody days eh?!!? Hopefully tomorrow will be a better one :wink:

Nothing better than a little cuddle hun, I have a tatty my Mum brought that is my little 'down buster'!

Take care babe :friends: xx

I should add they are lots bigger than the picture appears must be the vase I have them bunched in :D
aww there really pretty!!! the ;ast pic is a fabby 1 wi little meiow 2!!!
awwww what a lovely thing to do! lovely teddie and flowers!
xxx :hugs:

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