You caught me up!!! :shock: :shock: :shock:

:cry: :cry: :cry:

Now thats what i call determination!!!

I'm gonna have to have a word with my broadband provider and complain they're making me unable to improve my post count!! :telephone:
dunno what ur laughin at....

ill cath u 1 day!!!! :roll:

in like 10 years time!!!!
:lol: Tams right behind me or infront at some point!
Awww now you've wayyyyyyyyy overtaken me!!!!


Am never setting you a challenge ever again!

And i'll never catch you today cos i'm just about to go on a cross town mission with the pooch and walk from my house to my mums!!!

Speak to you all laters

We had a loverly walk to my mums....
Walked through Sankey Valley Park, and she got to meet lots of people and dogs. Which she of course loved, and everyone saying how gorgeous she is, and she was loving it!

I left my fags at home though (graham took them out of my bag to get a couple out and forgot to put them back in!) so he actually dropped them off at my mums before i got there (i hadn't told her i was going round!)

And as dad's in Canada we rang him through Skype and put it through the speakers and lu was running round looking for "pops" bless her!!

We got home at about 8ish and have chilled out a bit... till i installed Skype and dad rang just to speak to Lu and she's spent the past 20 mins drooling over my computer looking for him!!!


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