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    Lol. I know you're wondering What the heck does this title mean!?:haha:

    I just thought it was SUPER cool that today my baby is 1 Year, 1 Month, 1 Week, and 1 Day old today! On 11/11 (November 2011) If today was the 11th of November then that would have just been nuts!! LOL :happydance: I love her oh so much!!

    She isn't quite walking yet, but deffinately getting there! She can walk back and fourth between her dad and I about 6 steps. But that's it.

    If anything, she is quite verbal! Can't say too many words, but she knows what we are saying way too well! Sometimes I wonder, "How the heck did she know what I meant??

    Like the other day I told her to close the bathroom door so we can take a bath, and she actually closed the door!
    Or I ask her, "Go get your jacket so we can go play outside" And she literally will crawl to her room and grab her jacket hanging on her little coat rack! lol. She amazes me, and I love her oh so much!

    Thanks for reading. I just thought it was really cool! :D
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    Haha, that is really cool! And your LO sounds soooo much fun right now. I love it when they start to understand you, it's amazing, isn't it? I'm really enjoying our baby days at the moment but I'm also so looking forward to toddlerhood. :)

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