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12 Week Scan - Pic....Posted YAY!!!


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Jan 7, 2007
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I've my 12 week scan tomorrow. I'm slightly worried 8-[ and don't really know why. I had a scan at 7+4 and everything was fine. Today I've been busy tidying round and thinking I really need to stop now (did lift a few heavy things, I'm naughty!?
I've this feeling I'm going to get to the hospital and they're going to tell me something bad.
Is this normal?

Believe it or not i had my eyes squeezed shut and said to the sonographer tell me quickly that its bad,she laughed and told me to look. And sure enough things were fine.

It is so natural Hun really is,if you werent worried I would be suprised.

Take care and good luck,everything is fine

It is normal hun, and I am sure everything will be fine. Good luck and enjoy it.

I unfortunatley dont get my first scan until 16 weeks (MW said its busy :twisted: )

Keep us posted and let us see the pics :wink:
Good luck Sam - Looking forward to you logging back in & telling us all is fine :wink:

An bloody hell Kx thats awful!!! :shock: :?
Well I've been to the Hospital and all is good and a little further on than expected - baby's due date is 5th sept.

I can't post my pic as its saying I need to make 10 posts :cry:

Anyway baby is good and in a great position. its so strange to think its in there???

Anyway thought I'd let you all know.

Sorry that is due to the spammers hun.

Just pop into the testing bit an make a randm post & another reply then you will be able to x

Glad all went ok :D


aww thats amazing, well done hun.xxxx
Spunky Cupkake said:
aww bless congrats hun what you hoping for boy/girl?? xxx

We really don't mind as long as its healthy!! :D We have a feeling its a boy, there's a tradition in both our families of two boys and then a girl. As its our first we're thinking boy. If its a girl then fab we break the tradition. We'll be finding out what we're having at next scan.
Having troub deciding on a boys name, we've had the girls name since before we were expecting!!

Its so ecxiting!!!
lovely picture hun let us no what its when u get ur next scan
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Congratulations hun, glad all is well! x
Congrats. What a great Pic. Glad things went well at your scan.

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