15 dpo (ish) and no AF and negative tests

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    The only month i didn’t OPK and this happens, I spotted before my AF last cycle and put down day one CD when it was bright red which would mean I am 18dpo if I O as normal, but my first real flow day was 2 days later, so I moved my dates a bit, anyway on my fertile days I only dtd once ( my daughter was in hospital over night that’s why no OPK for a few days and I am
    working crazy hour so hardly any sex as well).
    Anyway I was working on the first CD until I was not getting positive HPT so I thought maybe CD1 is full flow this month, but this morning still no Positive HPT, I am never late with no symptoms of anything AF or pregnancy ( only tired ).
    So I am 44 but with regular periods and positive ovulation as far as OPK go I am getting really upset.
    I know when I DTD and that is the only date I can go on now.
    So I am pregnant but with no HCG to trigger two lines? Perimenopausal? Should I take some OPK now to see if will O again before my next period? I am so confused what to do! Any stories of late positives HPT? Or other women that have gone through the same?

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