16 DPO, 2 days LATE, BFN!

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    Hello everyone, I am very new here, although I have been using Google and its search results have brought me to websites like this, so I figured I'd give it a try.

    I am not sure if I am pregnant or not. My periods aren't regular, but I usually never miss one. So, for example, some months I can go 28 days, 30, 40, 32, 29, it will be different every time but I usually always get one per month.

    My boyfriend and I had sex on/after my supposed ovulation date. (It was like 1 am) We also had sex a day after my last period ended, which was September 6th and then like I mentioned before, on the 21st/22nd (my ovulation date) and then again on September 28th. We do not use condoms, but he uses the pull out method.(Which has been successful the past two and a half years.)

    My period was supposed to come September 5th. Here are my symptoms though.

    10DPO-Cramping in my mid stomach area, felt like "tugging", so I thought period was coming. Cervical mucas(very little, and CLEAR), fatigue, bloating, and constipation.

    11DPO-Woke up with painful diarreah at 3am, heartburn in the morning around 10am, diarreah again at around 8pm.

    12DPO- Felt bloated and "uneasy" in the morning, had heartburn a hour or two after feeling like that, back ache, a migrain from 7-11pm, EXTREMELY emotional had a crying spree/panic attack.

    13DPO- Slight lower abdomin cramps, constipated.

    15DPO-No sign of AF, bad taste in mouth when I woke up(not metallic) felt uneasy and had heartburn, bloating,and fatigue.

    My breasts are not sore at ALL, but during my period they never are either. Fatigue could come from not enough sleep, but I get at least 9 hours. I have not felt like I had to throw up, and have not thrown up at all. I am two days late, I took a test yesterday and got a CLEAR NEGATIVE.

    I'm not sure if it's just REALLY late and it will come or if I am pregnant. :(

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