2019 Junebugs

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    Hey girls <3

    Baby E is a dream, too. I don’t want to brag too much because it would probably jinx me lol but I am feeling like a lucky mama every morning and night. Other than a round of thrush, she’s been perfectly healthy.

    DH on the other hand, many days I just want to leave him. Hoping it’s just all just a phase. I’ve just been really let down with his parenting. I believe he has male PPD, and idk how to get him to listen. He denies everything I mention; he loves her, he’s happy, he’s just tired from work. Which, could be very true - but in my heart I just don’t feel like he cares.

    She had her 2 month appt and awaiting her 4 month when they’ll do more shots too. So sad! But I’m looking forward to seeing her growth and seeing if we can start any baby foods for fun.

    I’m so glad you mentioned Christmas :xmas23: I am so excited for the holidays this year! After LTTTC and never knowing if holidays would be complete for us with our own children, it’s going to be so different, in all the right ways. I def want to get some pictures taken! I’ve got her Halloween costume already and a couple “my first Halloween” outfits, so cute. Can’t wait to take her to a pumpkin patch or apple orchard, something outside finally. We stayed cooped up all summer and it was boring lol

    Hope everyone is finally feeling better (took me nearly 12 weeks/13 weeks to feel 100%) - and babies are doing beautifully and we have some happy homes. <3

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