23 weeks and this baby girl still doesn't have a name!?

Discussion in 'Baby Names' started by Eren, Jul 23, 2018.

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    Dec 31, 2017
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    Nothing just seems to fit perfectly.

    I have made lists upon lists of names and seem to be getting nowhere :nope: also, hubby and I are not agreeing on names and other relatives seem to also hate certain names... so... I pitched all my old lists and started fresh.

    Trying to think- country, rustic (if that's possible?)

    My list includes:

    (H) adley. Could he Hadley or Adley
    Allison (Alice for short)
    Ellie or Ella

    Then, I gave that list to my husband who said he specifically likes Scarlett, Ellie, and Allison.

    Middle name will be either Grace or Anne (in memory of my grandmother)

    Still need to pick just ONE! Any thoughts? Considering having two names picked and waiting until she arrives to officially pick one.

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