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May 27, 2011
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Because I'm sad and may as well get the ball rolling :haha: All lists are work in progress
My lists are and will be shortened this year, by present amount and recipients by 11! - Grandad refuses gifts fullstop and I've changed jobs so there's 10 less people to buy for.

Sister (19th Sept)
PJ's ✔
Lush bathbomb ✔

DD1's 12th (16th Oct)
Palit 2080Ti graphics card ✔
Monster High Frankie Stein with Watzie ✔
Monster High Abbey Bombible with Tundra ✔
Monster High Countdraculaura with Count fabulous ✔
Monster High Laguna Blue with Neptuna ✔
Snackles Reeses ✔
Squishmallow flying squirrel ✔
Black squishy cat ✔
Squishmallow Axolotl or Fluffie Stuffiez Axolotl ✔ (sister bought)
Warmies watermelon ✔
Outfit ✔
iPad case ✔

OH (19th Dec)
GTX 2080Ti graphics card ✔
'23-'24 Liverpool shirt ✔


Apple Pencil
Apple pencil cover
Squishmallow 6pk
Squishmallow Chasmen
Monster Hogh Claween
Monster High Cleopatra
Monster High Twyla
Fluffie stuffiez panda
Oodie PJ set
Body spray set
Minecraft axolotl light
Large snackles
2 x Adopt me eggs
Pompom throw
Slimy scented slime set
Crystal growing kit
5x Mini brands miniverse
Aphmau sparkle 3pk
3x Aphmau single
2x Magic potion slime
Fidget cube
Water bead fidget back
Moon cycle decoration
Large desk mat
Lush bathbomb
Champion hoodie

Bits for snake

Apple pencil
Apple pencil cover
Clay beads set
Bead spinner
Squishmallows 6pk
Fluffie stuffiez icecream
Fluffie stuffiez rainbow
Stitch interactive purse
Lilo& Stitch Doorables
Oodie PJ set
2x Boots
Body spray set
Adopt me neon unicorn
Cookeez bakery
Pompom throw
2x Magic potion slime
10x Mini brands miniverse
15x Mini brands
Mini thermal printer + refills
Large snackles
Squishmallow Violet
Aphmau sparkle 3pk
3x Aphmau single
10x Aphmau minis
Slimy scented slime set
2x Adopt me eggs
Fidget cube
Stitch hoodie
Star & moon macrame dream catcher
Hanging ivy decoration
Large desk mat
Room decorations/plants
Heatable cuddly icecream
Lush bathbomb

Dove sport set
Fuel24 1.3L jug
Promixx rechargable shaker
Wireless charging station
Fidget cube
Lush outback mate soap
Protein/supplements hamper
New Balance hoodie

Exploding kittens burglary edition
Avocado smash
Adopt me Animal life pack
Adopt me Fantasy clan set
Adopt me dog plush
Adopt me cow plush
Adopt me bee plush

Wrapping paper
DD1 & DD2
Nieces / Nephews

Nephew K (15)
RGIB wall lights

Niece K (12)

Niece T (13)

Nephew H (7)
Nerf gun

Nephew A (13)
Mouse bungee

Work SS
Toast lamp
Spooky for life pin
White chocolate biscoff bar
BIscoff spread

Work charity - I picked Dunelm Delivering Joy

DD1 - Mr Sunderland fan mug, socks, Toblerone
DD2 - Brita filter jug
DD2 TA - Scarf
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Following! You've also given me permission to start mine, I was trying to hold off being the first list post of the year :haha:
I'll probably be ok for the younger ones but the older ones get more difficult every year
Great lists, my 7 year old daughter has asked for a Bitzee, I have no idea what they are, is it a virtual pet?
Great lists, my 7 year old daughter has asked for a Bitzee, I have no idea what they are, is it a virtual pet?
It is! It got delivered yesterday and you can "test" it in the box by pulling a tab up. It's like a futuristic Tamagotchi, the image is on a moving LED flap as opposed to a screen. It is pretty bright too. You can unlock 14 other pets by interacting with it in certain ways.

My DD's are 8 and soon to be 12, so 7 should be okay too :)
I've finished DD1's birthday. OH is buying the power supply for her PC (I refuse to) I've added up how much I've spent and I want to be sick :haha:
:haha: It doesn't seem as bad if you shift the decimal point around :^o Pay day can't come quick enough this month.
I've found some paper which matches my tree theme perfectly! Just need to find another, unless both DD's have it. I'd like the presents under the tree this year.

*Courtesy of OH falling asleep on the switch with said tree :haha:

tree1.png paper.png
That paper is lovely. For what it's worth, we used to do separate piles and a couple of years ago changed to them all mixed up under the tree and the boys love digging through them and reading the labels and handing them to each other, so if you do decide to use the same paper for both girls it could be fun.
Always love looking at your lists as our girls are similar ages.

My eldest is massively into the clay beads and has loads (shein is great) I also got her storage drawers from there which are lovely for her birthday.

I wonder if DD2 would like the virtual pet thing? She doesn't really do toys but still likes to play with random things.
OH and both DD's are happy with the paper and idea so that's a bonus! I shall buy them when I get paid to avoid decision changes. It saves them both fighting over where their piles go too ](*,)

One of the tamagotchis were supposed to be delivered Friday, never arrived. I messaged the seller and they've put the wrong address on the parcel so it was refunded. I went to the address before school pick up and they actually put it aside on Saturday as there was no return address on it :-= freebie.

@c1403 they've been rated 4 and 5 stars. It's simpler to look after than a tamagotchi (if you forget to feed it, it doesn't just die lol) and more aesthetic to look at too as it's colourful. I'll have a look on Shein, she's got about 8 different sets and they're shoved in a plastic box. She started selling on Etsy too so has all stickers, tissue paper, parcel bags etc to organise as well.
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Bonus on the Tamagotchi thing. You've not had a lot of luck with deliveries so far this year.
Funny you say that, DD2's Bitzee arrived today, seller blamed Royal Mail, when really it was the sellers fault with insufficient packaging. Didn't bother wrapping it or nothing, just shoved in the bottom of a parcel bag which was far too big.


I opened a returns case for it, seller denied and told me to claim from RM myself, I explained that's not my job and refused a return, I told them I'll happily wait 6 days for eBay to step in. 20 minutes later I got an email from eBay saying they have closed the case in my favour and gave me a full refund! It turns out the seller actually escalated it to eBay :haha:
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