Smartie's run up to Christmas lists

My DD wants to sell on etsy too. I don't really see the point as every 11/12 year old is doing it. Is she getting any orders?
We also have all the packaging, labels etc.

That paper is gorge and matches my theme too. Where is it from please?

She gets 3-4 orders a week from etsy, and then friends and family and occasional one from tiktok.

It's from next! There's another lovely one from an eco website I came across called PlanetWrapIt which is made from kraft paper
I've got the paper. Still not convinced with an etsy account. She can't keep up with requests from family and friends lol
Love your lists I always get new ideas for my similar age kids :)
I braved my stashes. I couldn't be bothered to unpack all the clothing as they're still in supplier packaging and in a box. Still a couple of things I put aside which I need to decide on who's getting. I'm proud that I haven't impulse bought on a whim for the sake of it.



I have cut down massively since 2020! Maybe because there's not much to buy anymore due to ages

2020: sickening.

I am not having much luck at all this year with online orders.I think next year I will be in-store only.
12th Nov - order 2x xmas lights for DD2 from asda/george for collection on 16th.
16th Nov still "preparing". 18th "still preparing". I bought some on ebay on 18th instead (2 diff sellers). George email saying there's a delay and to wait 24-48 hours. Phoned George and 'cancelled' the order - they said it would be there to collect 19th by 5pm. Cancelled eBay orders.
19th - still preparing. Got OH to buy 1 set from ebay so I didn't look dodgy :haha: I found another on vinted. Phoned asda again, they were adamant they cancelled the order - no email nor refund but gave me a £5 evoucher for george.
Vinted seller finally posted on 22nd after "forgetting" via inpost locker. Parcel wasn't collected from the locker as it "was missing" and are now "lost" and I have to wait until 12th December for a refund.
25th get an email from George saying ready to collect!

Bought OH's supplements from LookFantastic... Delayed. Then tracking hasn't moved since 23rd saying "we're expecting your parcel". Informed today that it is now lost when it hadn't even left the building! They've only given me a partial refund for the order too! :evil::evil:](*,) So now that's another case opened with paypal!

On the plus side, I did get my refunds from the other things which didn't arrive after waiting 2 weeks from multiple cases being opened.
You've had awful luck this year. I hope everything gets sorted in time

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