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3 meals a day ?



When should I start max on 3 meals a day with solids ..

Right now he gets his bottle of milk & oatmeal when he first wakes up ..

Then around 12-1 pm he gets milk first then fruits ..

milk for the rest of the time and around 5pm he gets vegies ?

is this okay for now or can he get one more meal of fruits or vegies ?
I think you're ok right now. My pediatrician says that they should be eating 3 meals at the 6 month checkup. I just started giving Keira baby rice, will start veggies sometime next week and fruit at 5 months.
So, he gets cereal, fruit, then veggies? Isn't that three meals? I'm confused by what you mean. Are you wanting to put ANOTHER fruit/veggie in?

Colton gets a cereal/fruit in the morning (I do the jar cereals with applesauce, peaches, pears, etc mixed in)
a fruit in the afternoon, and veggie in the evening.
Well yeah i just re-read what i wrote lol ahha im so confused ..I mean when it will be time for him to eat meat do i mix that with vegies ?
or its another meal all by itself ?
It depends. Some pedias say meat after 6mo, mine said after 9mo.
I tried Colton on some meat and it gave him the runs, so I'm going to wait alittle longer.

I dont know if you still use jars but you should be able to find jars with meat mixed in with fruit. Like, Colton tried "Apples and Chicken", etc.
When you give him the meat you dont have to make it a meal by itself. How many of us just eat meat for dinner and nothing else? LOL. I dont know how much of a jar he eats, but if he eats like a whole jar then you could do half a jar of meat and half a jar of a veggie, or something like that? THen give him the other halfs the next day.
I would be counting the bottle with oatmeal as a meal possibly depending on how much oatmeal he gets (I'm unclear if you mean in the bottle mixed with the milk, or in a bowl). Jack gets milk when he first wakes up, then he gets milk then some baby cereal in a bowl, then he has milk & veggies then milk & some baby rice in a bowl with a little fruit puree in or sometimes plain as he likes both, then another bottle before bed. (maybe another during the night depending whether he wakes too:hissy:)
The weaning chart I had was four weeks long & on the fourth week it was saying to give 2 or 3 meals a day, & Jack was ready for that, but it will depend on how you & Max feel I suppose!
Here is a link to the chart I had if it's any help:
Well I found a new brand of baby jars from beechnut they have the oatmeal with fruits and vegies its the breakfast collection he lovves them :) Ive also given him farley cookies oh boy what a mess those make lol but hey likes them

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