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4d scans... yay or nay?


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Apr 9, 2008
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Part of me REALLY wants a 4d scan, another part of me does not want to see Bug before she is born as we already know her sex!

Hubby is the same! I have asked him to make the decision - if he wants it to bond with Bug more, then thats fine, if he doesn't want to see Bug yet - thats fine too!

But we are really torn....!

Any opinions? Will we regret not having one?

Alot of people I know regret not having one but I had one, it was amazing at the time, but I don't give it a second thought now.
Im getting one this time round persuaded hubby to let me as this will be our last baby!!
I had one, deffo worth it even if its just for the experience alone i say. Plus its something nice to keep
Don't have the cash I'm afraid....if I did I think I'd prefer to spend it on other things:dohh:

I can understand why people want them...just not me, unless it was free:blush:
Me and DH are into complete suprises so not up for a scan or knowing the sex, but a friend of mine recently had one and absolutely loved having the video and heart beat sound track :)
When i frst got pregnant i really wanted one but now I've decided not to. I want to wait to see what she looks like when she's born :)
I really want one but OH wants to wait to see what baby looks like and plus doesnt really wanna spend the money on one as we paid for a private gender scan!
If i wasnt getting one free i wouldnt , Purely as i think i could buy something real nice for baby with the money . But as iam getting one free i will enjoy the experiance :) . xx .
I think they're worth the money. I've had one, and would have another.

Yay! DH really wanted to have one and I do think it helped him bond more with Hannah!
This is going to be our last baby so we are hopefully going to have the money at Christmas for one! If not then it doesn't matter to us as you spend to rest of your life with that baby anyway. And besides, if you know the sex and you know what they look like, where is the suprise after 9 months?? It is great not know the sex and it's even more wonderful the very first time you see them. I think if it's your first then it should definately be a suprise but you already founs out the sex I guess it's a toughy for you xxx :hugs:

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