5 month old suddenly refusing bottles

Discussion in 'Baby Club' started by LynAnne, Jan 12, 2019.

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    DS2 will need 5 months old on Tuesday. He's always been a really great eater on a brilliant 3.5-4 hour schedule of 6 oz of milk, taking about 30-32oz a day. Yesterday he started refusing bottles we've not when he was showing signs of hunger and only ended up eating 17oz all day - even going to bed without having his last feed. He did finish a full bottle at 3am but won't take his first feed of the day again. I essentially had to dream feed him every single bottle he had yesterday and even that didn't work sometimes. He's been using variflow teats so I don't think it's that.

    He does sound a little congested (I have a scratchy throat like cold) so maybe he's got that too and that's why he doesn't want to eat. He seems completely himself though. Still getting wet and dirty nappies.

    Really what I'm asking is when should I worry?
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    It's possible he has the sore throat too, my LO will only eat and drink if she's absolutely desperate if a cold is affecting her throat. If he is having wet nappies that's good, my daughter refused to drink anything at all during her last cold, had to syringe water into her to keep her out of hospital
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    I would only worry if he stops eating altogether or stops peeing.

    Babies don't stop eating for no reason, they don't starve themselves, so if he's not feeling like eating the chances are he's not feeling well. I think swallowing hurts if you have earache, so keep an eye on his temperature so you can nip in the bud any ear infection etc. If he gets over his cold, isn't teething etc. and his bottle refusal continues it would then be worth getting him checked out to see if anything else could be causing discomfort/illness.

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