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Discussion in 'Pregnancy - First Trimester' started by Bebica, Mar 30, 2011.

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    This is my 3rd pregnancy,after 10 yrs...My last period was in mid feb and I didn't feel anything untill like 2 weeks ago,except that my period didn't come this month...So since there was no signs I thought I am just late but then 2 wks ago I started feeling kinda funny,still denying to myself that this could be it :)
    So finally week ago after feeling nusseated,started visiting bathroom often and feeling kinda heavy in pelvic area,especially when trying to sleep on my stomach(my fav position) I decided to do the home test and it came up pos.So last week I went to the dr who only took history and gave me appointment for sonogram(in two days now) and blood work and finally to see obgyn in 4 weeks.I am little concern because from the last period,i seem to be pregnant only 6 weeks but to me it seems that it's more.I do feel nauseated and have all symptoms of someone between 6-10 weeks but I have this heavy 'rock' feeling in my pelvis and my belly shows a little,which is maybe to early for only 6 weeks,isn't it?
    So my concern is,if they will do sono-which i assume is internal,vaginal at 6 weeks,not the regular,and I am not only 6 weeks,I am maybe 10 or 12...would this vaginal sonogram hurt the baby?????
    Should I ask them there...because they go by last period and i maybe had period but maybe i was already prego in feb....When do you start seeing little lump? And when at what point you are not able to lay on your tummy no more because you feel something is in there??? Maybe I am just getting bigger sooner :)
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    its all different for different people some people feel sick pretty much from fertalization they just dont know thats the reason why. Some women bloat at a few weeks others dont. That heavy feeling can just be because er its full if you know what i mean, also because everything is changing down there it will all feel different. Also in internal will not hurt the baby if you are further along the "wand" does not go past the cervix so its no different to a belly scan just with the "wand" when earlyer on they can see in more detail

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