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A bit concerned...


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Sep 1, 2006
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Went to the toilet and there was a little bit of red blood on the toilet paper. Have had really bad lower back pain for a couple of days which I know is not a good sign. There has been no blood evident on underwear yet tho :?

Erm, just need to wait and see what happens, what will be will be :roll:

Morning sickness has been bad-not actually being sick but woke up wrenching, it was causing spasms in my stomache, but nothing was coming up. Im too greedy to part with my food :D
I hope & have all crossed that all is ok. I'm sure it is sweety & bleeding can be perfectly normal. The only thing I would say is if you are in any pain that would be more than usual for you, keeps you awake or has you keeling over then go to the hospital. Always good to be safer the sorry ya know?

:hugs: x
got my fingers crossed the blood is nothing to worry about.

as long as you still have your symptoms try not to worry x x
:hugs: [-o< :hugs: got everything crossed for you honey, im with wobbles too, if the pain gets worse, go get checked over...bxox
the pain isn't unbearable yet, but I will get it checked out if it does.

Thanks for the support, it means alot. xxxxxxx
[-o< as everyone has said this can be very normal. if the pain does get worse then get it checked out.
Keepin my fingers crossed everythings okxxxx
Aww hun, keeping my fingers crossed for you. How are you feeling now?
just seen this hun, hope that everyhting is ok :hugs:
Hi Ladies,

Last night there was a few spots here and there, but tiny, nothing since. Just back pain. If I get anymore spotting I will go to the duty Dr.

For now I am hanging fire, thanks for ur messages/posts, they mean a lot.

Hopefully all aint lost just yet :?
Things sound a lot better today KX.

Let's hope it was just a blip :hugs:
Just seen this hun.

Glad it seems to have settled a bit

Im always here if you need me - just two doors down mind x

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