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    Apr 6, 2009
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    Hey ladies

    For thos of you who are already mummies, are who are just really clued up. Me and my OH want to work out what is going to cost what, so we can be prepared fully...i want to make a "baby list" with anything and everything essential...basic of random items greatly accepted to put on my list xxx
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    Im sure you know the basics, carseat and base, stroller, crib, changing table, bath tub, bouncer, pack and play etc.

    If you have a boy you will want lots of washcloths to throw over their peepee when you change their diaper so they dont pee all over you.

    Aspirator, bottles, get mulitiple pairs of crib sheets and crib pads, changing pad for the table, diaper rash cream, diaper bag, binky holder for diaper bag, small wipe holder for diaper bag, lots of white onsies, baby lotion and wash, boppie or nursing pillow, small toys for the baby, play mat is always nice, recieving blankets, warm blankets, wipe warmer is nice for really young baby, hand mitts to keep them from scratching their face, nursing pads...

    I would start buying diapers too so that you have a stockpile supply when you have the baby. I started buying them when I got pregnant each week when I went shopping. I have noticed with my son he wasnt in NB or size 1 size for very long, but he was in size 2 for a little longer and then size 3 a little longer and then he has been in size 4 for a long time. Just as a guide for how much to buy. Also, start buying wipes too, just make sure you dont open them at all so that they stay wet.

    Im sure there are lots of other things, I just cant think of them all right now. But there are a few! I would say dont buy too many binkies yet because each baby likes a different type or style of binky. But if you plan on nursing soothies are really good binkies.

    Also dont worry about buying all the larger toys like excersaucers and such or high chairs yet because you wont need them for a little while longer. Unless you want to get it all right away.

    Good luck with your list, I hope this helped!
  3. Su11

    Su11 Mum to H, Leo & Jake

    Mar 23, 2009
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    if you get a magizine or baby catalogue for babies r us or mothercare they often have lists and also prices so you know costs too
  4. aiko

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    Apr 16, 2009
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    Lol, where do I start!? Tbh, babies only NEED a few things (if you're trying to keep the cost down) but you can buy lots of non essential things - like a baby wipe warmer. It all depends on what your plans are for feeding..... and what your baby is like.

    As a rule, if I was doing it for the first time now, knowing what I know now I'd buy the following:

    1. Crib - not rocking because I never used that facility. I put a mobile on it and that meant that rocking was no longer an option. The mobile was a much better soother. So I suppose...
    2. Cot mobile - I like the fisher price aquarium one but that's a personal choice.
    3. Cot. We opted for this over a cotbed because we didn't want to have to kick our son out of his cot to make way for a baby that he may already be jealous about. Alex will go straight into one of those beds that have a matching guest bed underneath.
    4. Sheets for the crib and cot. Fitted sheets for the mattress (I just bought a foam one for both crib and cot, though the cot one is an expensive foam one). Loose sheets and cellular blankets for on top - unless you use sleeping bags. If you DO use sleeping bags TK Maxx are much cheaper than elsewhere. We got travel ones that have holes for when we're travelling. They were great. I'd say at least 3 of each for the sheets. Alex had reflux so we needed loads.
    5. Buggy/pram - this is really personal and you can spend as much or as little as you like. We were about £300.
    6. Car seat - can't leave the hospital without one.
    7. Blankets/cosytoes for the pram and/or buggy. My gran knitted ours and it was perfect.
    8. Changing bag. We have 3. Two were around £10 and one £65. I love them all.
    9. Steriliser - don't knock the "old fashioned" liquid steriliser. So much less fuss than electric ones because they stay sterile for a whole day, not just a couple of hours. They do corrode bottle and dummy teats though. You can get a tommee tippee one for a tenner with 3 bottles if you wait for the supermarkets baby fairs - which asda have now. You will need this even if you breast feed.
    10. Bottles. I preferred avent but that's personal. If bottle feeding, there'll probably be up to 6 feeds a day, less as they get older. It's up to you if you want enough for a day but it's definitely easier. I bf but I still used bottles for expressed milk.
    11. Breast pump - manual was great. I felt less like a cow and with hindsight I could have taken it into hospital instead of hand expressing. I loved my avent one, hated my tommee tippee one (I had one at mum's) and my friend swears by her electric medela one - these can be rented.
    12. Some vests - asda do 3 white ones for £1.75 and they're really soft. I had them in my hospital bag.
    13. Some babygros/sleepsuits. Again, 3 Asda white ones for around £3. Perfect. You're bound to get lots of clothes as presents but if not, these will do until hubby can get more clothes if you're stuck. My sister just got a really cute yellow duckling one the other day (she's 6 months pregnant).
    14. Cardigans or some light layers. Alex was born at the end of August and he wore these out as a newborn rather than a full jacket. Mine were knitted by gran again.
    15. Hats - to stop heat being lost through their head. Asda have lovely cheap ones.
    16. Scratch mitts - you will be absolutely terrified of chopping a finger off when trimming their nails.
    17. Soft shoes/bootees. Not sure if these are essential but I loved them.
    18. Nappies. Real nappies are sooooo not hard to use and I can recommend some if you're interested. If not, have a pack of newborn sized ones. If your baby is a bit bigger than average they won't get much use out of these - about a week!
    19. Wipes. You can use cotton wool but that was small and fiddly. I just invested in washable wipes and they're surprisingly good! Otherwise, allow about £1 a pack and keep an eye out for bargains. They clean EVERYTHING!
    20. Cotton wool is useful if you have a newborn boy. In my experience they quickly grow out of the golden shower but one of those flat pads straight on top was enough to stop a splash.
    21. Changing mat. About £6. I prefer a wipe clean one but some people buy dearer ones with fabric covers on them. I also had a cot top changer - mothercare's universal one for £20 in case I had a caesarean and couldn't change on the floor. This was fortunate as I did have a cs.
    22. Nappy sacks and nappy bucket.
    23. Some newborn dummies if using - they help reduce the risk of cot death if you use them to put the baby down to sleep.
    24. Monitor - doesn't need to be fancy. You'll hear them on a cheap one just the same.
    25. Highchair. I like my fancy one but so long as you feel they're comfy and secure it's fine.
    26. Sudocrem or some sort of nappy cream for rash.
    27. Socks!
    Some people buy bottle warmers but a tub of hot water is all that's needed. I used a fisher price flask (about £10) when out and about - once onto formula at 6 months. Some places won't give you water to heat your baby's milk so it's best to be prepared.
    28. Baby bath - I loved my over the bath one from mothercare. Very easy to empty. Just remove the plug and it drains into your bath.

    There are lots of other things I could add but you won't get far without most of that. I could go on for ages! Do you want more or is that the sort of list you're looking for?
  5. Maybe baby

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    Apr 6, 2009
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    that is all so much use, thanks ladies :) stars xx

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