A question for the ladies

I'd love to... but i'd have to consult with G... so i selected the bottom one! lol

As I said to you on MSN... i was torn between the money one... or the free one! lol!!!

No! Why would I want the world looking at my body? No amount of money would make me get my clothes off!
No way!!!!! There is no way I would pose for a mag even if I had the most perfect figure in the world...............for men to leach over, no Thank you!!! :x
Not a chance for some perve toget off on looking at me
I misread the question lol!

Id pose topless but i wouldnt go completley nude.
Ooo i didn't see the nude bit either! lol!!!
Wouldn't do nude... would do topless though... love my melons! hahahahaha! pmsl!!! :oops: :lol:
I'd still not go topless! Thats my body its a private thing & its an intimate time between 2 people! Not the world! :)
OK Who's the exhibitionist? Fess up!
:shock: :shock: :shock:

OMG I am as white as a pint of milk, thats how much I cover up :rofl:
:lol: Yeah that's about right
i put if the money was right, hmm and they promised 2 edit all my wobbly bits, and make me a size 8 and do it in the dark LMAO

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