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i am 15 years old and my name is mindie! i live in a small town in ohio! i was adopted before i was born! i have a brother named josh and i have a sister i dont even know! my real mom clames that she never wanted to give me up but we all think it is bs! she is into alot of drugs and was arrested 2 years ago for seeling cocain to teenagers! my aunt died when i was 10 and my family hasnt been the same since! my real mom found out she was pregnant w/ my brother on her 16th birthday! and a couple years later found out she was pregnant again and had an abortion then i came along and she decided to put me up for adoption! after i was born they posted pictures of me in the newspapers down in Texas hoping my dad would come forward and say i was his! but he never did! and now he has a dughter the same age as me but 4 months younger! my real dad is also into drugs and so is his family! if he had taken me i would probably be on the streets right now! but im not! my adoptive family i love more than ever! my adoptive mom has always been there for me and raised me like i was her own! and my adoptive dad well he is over protective but i can see why i am there only child! well my brother is 18 and he has a son on the way Gaven Douglas Coffman! he is due November 18 or in early december! my birthday is December 18th and i will be turning 16! i have been dating my bf for almost 8 months now! and now i may be pregnant! my mom is bein a witch and woulnt by me a test she has lied to me 3 times about buying me one but it hasnt happened yet! if i had the money i would go and get one myself but i dont! and my brother is ruffsing to come and see me! i am no longer in highschool i am now beein homeschooled! i was malested at the age of 5-6 and i was raped twice by my ex 3 and 2 years ago! and now i am in counsling and trying to forget about my past! i am now doing somethingi love modeling! ad i will graduate from that in december!And i have also been suicidle for 3 years!

I am so confused. You just said you might be preg. But on the TTC board, you said you were not preg. I am so sorry hunny but really I am confused. I think that it is the 15 year old in you. Are you or arent you preg. Personaly I really think that you are not. Have you started your period? I know when I was your age, I was not regular with my cycle. Everyone here is here for suporting eachother and if that is what you need well then you have come to the right place, but, well, Me personally, I am thinking you are looking for attention. I am sorry that I had to say that and I really hope the others dont judge me for saying this. I really wish the best for you. I really hope you can sort things out. On a side note, if this is a cry out because of the adoption thing, please feel free to pm me, I myself was adopted. I know all my siblings and I was adopted as a baby, my siblings were alot older when the adoption happened and I have alot of experience with that. I really hope this has helped.

With open arms and love
Suz :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:
I noticed that you have changed the last few lines of your original post. Hun, I am so sorry for what you have gone through. Have you looked for a support group who have gone through what you have?
she posted exactly the same on the other forum

I think she must have copied and pasted and forgot to remove the may be pregnant bit
i posted this somewhere else and didnt really edit it!! i was tired! i am sorry for the confusion but next time i will try and edit it!! it was a mistake and i am sorry!! thank you

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