Advice needed! i think im going crazy!

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    Feb 18, 2019
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    hi ladies
    i hope i can get some advice, im on day 33 of my cycle (i have pcos so my cycles aren't always the same, im on Glucophage medication and need to start taking clomid when AF starts, but no luck) i have been trying this CP thing now for a few days and every time i check its high, closed and firm no matter the time of day, i took a hpt on the 15th and it came back a light +, DH wanted to make sure and got a clearblue digital but it came back -, i checked my CP again yesterday and sure enough, its still high, firm and closed, i have been getting light pink when i wipe (tmi i know) and then it started going to very very light brown (almost like flesh) do you thing i should test again or wait for AF to show?

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