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Oct 2, 2008
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Hello everyone hope your all well,

Can anyone help me give me any advice or if anyone has experienced the same thing as me i am 22 years old and me and my boyfriend have been trying to concieve for 2 years now & nothing was happening so i went to my doctors where then he referred me to a specialist i had a scan to see if my tubes were blocked & my boyfriends also went test he was clear & nothing was wrong with his sperm count and my tubes were not blocked or damaged all was good so the speicalist gave me 6months of clomid 50mgs and said there will be a 70% chance off getting caught first or second time round because all it was that i was not releasing alot of eggs each month when i was ovulating so he told me this would boost the chances thats why i have been finding it harder to get caught, So back in feb 08 i took first course of clomid on the 2nd day of my cycle through to the 6th day of my cycle ( 5 tables 1 aday ) so back in march 08 after just 1 course i found out that i was 4 weeks pregnant found out quite early in the pregnancy. Then on the 25th april 08 i was i think they said at the hospital i was 8weeks pregnant i had to go for an early scan coz i started beeding and it was a very sad time i had lost the baby i had a miscarrage so i had a DNC in hospital and was going through a hard time afterwards emotionally. In june my periods returned back to normal again first period after the DNC and me & boyfriend agreed that we would try again in a month or 2, my doctor reccomended me to try natrual first 2 months then take & go back on my clomid if i don't get pregnant, so in july 08 i started back on clomid after being unsuccesfull trying natrually and i am on my 3rd course now and i still have no got caught pregnant this is sooo frustrating & i feel like giving up and i get upset if anyone as got any advice on what you think i should do next or any tips anything i would be gratefull to hear from you thanks chaz xx take care
im afraid hun that i dont have any real advice. i can tell you that i am so sorry for you lost and that i will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I hope that soon someday you will get pregnant and be able to have a beautiful child and be a wonderful mother. Good luck sweetie and you time will come. Dont give up hope and remember things happen for a reason good or bad, just hang in there during these rough times and you will get through it! lots of hugs! :)
First of all :hug: I have had 4 MC in my life and somehow got pregnant after being with my now husband for only 4 months and had a healthy son. I do not know why I MC and do not know how I got lucky to have a healthy baby but I knew that I wanted a baby so i tried again and again and through each heart break I vowed to love my future child enough for each MC and him all rolled into one. I never let go of the pain I went through but I did learn how to guard against false hope and while that was my way of dealing with it, each person handles their pain differently. Good luck to you and as for the question on if you should go for it again, you know that answer, are you willing to take the chance which is a 50 50 chance or heartbreak or happiness for life. If you are willing to take the chance then your answer is yes, try again and again after that and the day you get a BFP and deliver a healthy baby you will remember all the heartbreak and think that your beautiful child was worth all the pain.

Awwww thank you very much Gabrielle & srm0421 for ur reply's a mc is a very sad thing and i pray n hope that i will become pregnant soon n have a lovely healthy baby and i will not give up hope and keep trying i have just finished another course of my 3rd attempt on clomid i should ovulate round about the 9th october nxt wk, after working out my ovulation dates we will try again and hopefully fingers crossed something will happen and will all work out if i don't have any luck this month ill have another course to take after this 1 of clomid, but then that will be my last course so if i do not conceive after then i think i will go back to my specialist and have a talk to him n discuss my next options maybe it will turn out that he ups the dose of my clomid hopefully and i mite have more of a chance then i am also going to buy and try out an ovulation test this month to see when n if i am ovulating its just so frustrating cause first ever course of clomid i conceive and i am over the moon and then the next thing i mc at 8weeks and now i am on the 3rd course n still no luck but like u both lovely people say don't give up hope n keep trying things happen for a reason. once again thanks very much for the lovely comments you left me and i will keep you informed fingers crossed xxxx

Have a lovely weekend xxx

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