Advice please my lo has a cold

Discussion in 'Baby Club' started by a_c, Jan 31, 2011.

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    My 12 wk old seems to be suffering with a cold, she's got a really snotty nose, her temp is 37.3, she's v sleepy & doesn't want much food. She's still producing plenty of wet/ dirty nappies & she's not so sleepy I can wake her so I'm sure she's ok - I'm just a worried mum! Is there anything I can do to help her & is there anything I do need to watch out for?
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    at that age im honestly not too sure hun. id definitely phone ur hv and ask. fluids are important, and we gave poppy calpol up to the limit on the bottle. really though nothing helps totally. just have to ride it out! def phone hv tho. hope ur lo feels better soon!
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    Holly is 12 weeks old, she had a cold at 3 weeks and one at 10 weeks! here's what we did to help her...

    Nasal aspirator - suck the snot out!! (you can get a tool for it)
    Saline nasal drops
    Raise the mattress at a 45 degree angle
    Karvol drops can be used from 3 week sold, we ended up using them on doctors advice at 10 weeks, just drop onto a bib and fasten around the other end of the cot or somewhere in the room
    Steam it out. Take lO into the bathroom and close the door when you have a shower, the steam will help them to breathe!

    Hope LO is feeling better soon!!! x

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