af due tomorrow??


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Dec 2, 2007
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so af is due tomorrow and at the moment ive got bad period pains, lower back ache, ive come out in loads of spots and i also feel abit fluey!! so not much, i think shes definately on her way, horrible :witch::hissy:
Hey, have you done a test? I had period like symptoms when I found out I was pregnant and alot of women do get this.:hugs:
I had that this weekend and I came on on Sunday night. I had quite a bit of spotting though through the weekend. I was hopeful that it was implantation bleeding but I don't think it is.

Fingers crossed for you though. When my friend was pregnant, she got period pains every month when her period was due.
no i havent tested, im gonna be strong and wait to see if af shows first!!
Hang in there Hayley. It's not over until the :witch: shows. Good for you for waiting! Wish I could do that. :rofl:

Good Luck!
:dust: :dust:
I'm getting low back and period type pains, and i got a BFP yesterday, so could be a good sign!!!, you just never know i was covinced it was AF!!, still am bit worried and have to keep looking at test to reassure myself.
Good Luck Tomorrow!!!!
i'm due either tomorrow or thursday...fingers crossed for both of us! i'm testing fri if it doesn't come... x x x
no show!!! but i had have pains all day today, shes definately coming!!

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