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Air travel during 1st trimester?



Does anyone know if it's okay to fly during the 1st trimester? And if there is any problem doing so in the 2nd and/or 3rd? Thanks!

I went to Canada recently when i was 9 weeks and everything is fine. They generally say dont fly around 30+.
When I was pregnant 8 years ago, I flew when I was about 6 months pregnant, and was absolutely fine.

You become a risk to the airline the bigger you get.

Check with the airlines themselves if you're not sure - you may need doctors note confirming you are fit and healthy to travel, but I doubt it this early on.

Good luck!
I've travelled a couple of times already. Once at 17 weeks and once at 13 and all was fine.the nice lady at security even asked me if i was ok going through the bleepy thing& if i'd rather not go through it. :) i think alot of airlines wont fly you if your 34 or 36 weeks+ (cant remember which) incase you go into labour. But early on you should be fine.just make sure you have a walk about if its a long flight. Hope this help... Happy flying :)
Apparently the best time to fly is between 18-24 weeks, but unless you're at a high risk of mc or early labour, flying generally shouldn't be a problem.
I flew at 8 weeks with no problems:hugs:
I flew long haul at 10/12 weeks. My MW just advised me to wear DVT socks as you are at greater risk when you're pregnant. Drink lots of water and maybe ask to sit near the toilet in case you feel queezy or need a wee often!!

I got told by mw to avoid flying in 1st tri and 3rd tri, But during the 2nd its fine X
I flew at 9 weeks and was fine except for the MS :sick:
Well, my supervisor gave me the pass for the 1st trimester...thank goodness I already had our honeymoon to Hawaii scheduled for the 2nd trimester.

Thanks ladies!!!

Up to around 35 weeks should be fine but individual airlines will guide you with their policy. The higher you get, the more radiation you are exposed to - the 1st trimester is the one the baby's most susceptible to environmental factors so some people choose not to fly because of this. Pregnant women are more prone to forming blood clots as are people on long-haul journeys (flying, train, cars etc) - as long as you keep hydrated and move your legs around a lot and consider those anti-DVT stockings you should be fine.

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