Almost 6 week scan no yolk sac and bleeding


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May 2, 2011
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Hi all,

Does anyone have any advice on if they saw a yolk sac later than expected please?

Started spotting Thurs night, pink then red, went for scan yesterday morning, haematoma is next to the sac which explains the spotting, same as my dd2 bleeding is now heavier, sometimes gets lighter, this is how it went with dd2

However, the thing I'm worried about is the sac was empty, there was a flicker of a white line in the middle of the sac, but you know how the image is always moving, like the sac was changing shape etc, the line wasn't always there, it just flickered on and off, the sonographer didn't even mention it to me, I think she thought it could cause false hope. But, when I went for a blood test with the midwife after, she mentioned it to me without me telling her I had seen it first, so I obviously wasn't imagining it
She wasn't negative about the scan, she said it measures about 5 weeks, a 9mm sac, and was what she expected to see at this stage, however I must be around 5w5d by now, I first tested positive 5th Feb, even if that was 3w1d (I've tested positive super early before with my ivf babies) that would make me 5w6d

With my dd2 at that stage I saw a heartbeat

Hcg was 3461 yesterday, repeat bloods tomorrow morning

So now I don't know if the bleeding is the haematoma or miscarriage, complete limbo land, unless little one is measuring behind then it wouldn't show, this is torture, they will scan again in 7-10 days, they said if tomorrows hcg rise then it will be reassuring, wish me luck!
I'm so sorry. I can understand the terrible limbo land. I'm currently in limbo land too, cos my test got lighter unfortunately. I can only say that for my first boy, we only saw a heartbeat at 6 weeks 4 days. We didn't see a heartbeat at 6 weeks. We did see the yolk sac though. I don't think I got scanned before 6 weeks, so I can't tell if you can see yolk sac at 5 weeks or not. I can understand that your worry stems from the bleeding which you don't if it comes from the haematoma or baby. First trimester anxiety is terrible. Your HCG is really nice and high though.
Hi cheerios, Long time no speak!
I'm sorry you are going through it too, it's awful isn't it
The annoying thing is, if I didn't have the haematoma, I wouldn't have had the early scan and now be worried about an empty sac, I'll update tomorrow after the hcg test the results come back in an hour luckily

That's good you saw a heartbeat at 6w4d, maybe I'm measuring behind

Will you be testing anymore?
I’ve gotten loads of early scans 5-6w and it’s such a huge variable by day and by pregnancy. I’ve had pregnancies where I saw a yolk at 5w and others where I didn’t until 6w.

3.5k hcg, while hcg does vary widely, for me was always 4-5w for me.

So I would normally be super optimistic that a repeat in a week could change everything for everything in isolation. But the increased bleeding, empty sac, and low hcg coupled I’d be cautious only because your first positive test was 2/5. That being said, hcg doubling varies so I’ll be hoping you’ve just got a bean developing at their own pace. Hoping the blood work tomorrow gives you ease.
Thank you dobby, that all makes sense
1 minute I'm thinking it will be OK and the next I think there's no chance, tomorrow can't come quick enough!

I will update, thank you ladies
Also have lost a couple of clots tonight when I wiped, this was the same as dd when I had the haematoma so wasn't really surprised to see them, bloodnisnt hitting the pad today, just on wiping but a fair amount and red
Today's update is the Third beta below, all have been 48.hours apart, epu ringing tomorrow with a scan date, hopefully Friday so I'm not in limbo over the weekend, just need to know either way now


Praying you get a scan soon hun :hugs: So sorry you're going through this
Praying! Bright side, at least the numbers are consistently going up! Hopefully that’s a good sign. I also hope they can book you in before the weekend.
Thank you ladies your support really helps.
Dobby, that's what I thought, around 1000 each time so not completely all over the place lol, fingers crossed for now
I’m so sorry you are going through this. Limbo is horrible. I’ve been through the same situation twice and it was horrible. Hoping you have a happy ending x
Thank you

Scan is 11:10 Friday, Dr does not think this will be an ongoing pregnancy but they can't rule it out, if sac is still empty they will do bloods to see if hcg is dropping, if it isn't they will do a scope procedure to try and see where it is

Just can't believe this is all happening, this time last week I was blissfully unaware and just happy to be pregnant again
Thank you

Scan is 11:10 Friday, Dr does not think this will be an ongoing pregnancy but they can't rule it out, if sac is still empty they will do bloods to see if hcg is dropping, if it isn't they will do a scope procedure to try and see where it is

Just can't believe this is all happening, this time last week I was blissfully unaware and just happy to be pregnant again
:hugs: good luck for Friday
Thank you, had a massive bleed last night, soaked through 2 pads in minutes and couldn't get off the toilet for half an hr, I was hoping it would be it passing naturally but after that it's slowed back down to only wiping so must have been the haematoma
I'll phone the epu and see if they will scan today, if anything I'd like to know how big the haematoma is now and what to expect with it, my last one with dd2 never lasted for this long! And it wasn't as heavy bleeding either, it's a never ending nightmare at the moment!
Oh my word. You must be going through such a nightmare now. I'll pray for God's peace to hold your heart each step of the way. Pls speak life over your baby! Words have power.

Dear God
You know what a nightmare star25 is going through now. We pray for protection and life over baby. We thank you for this gift of life. We know the good work you have started, you will bring it to completion. We pray that this pregnancy will progress healthily and the next scan will show that baby is in the right position, there will be a yolk scan and heartbeat. We pray and ask this in Jesus name. Amen.
Thbak you so much cheerios, I needed to see that tonight, praying for tomorrow's scan, this limbo is awful, I b we thought I would get pregnant naturally for a second time and I wanted this baby so much xx
Hugs. I’m sorry they weren’t able to see you today. I’m glad the bleeding passed quickly. I do remember with my first pregnancy, I had a similar experience. I was so sure I lose the pregnancy right then and there, I sat in the emergency room all night waiting to be seen. Since I had stopped bleeding and the pain was gone, I wasn’t a high priority and they were packed that night. But when they scanned me I had a sub chorionic hematoma and they said that caused it. Bean was there. My levels were perfect, it measured spot on, and its heart rate strong. That bleed was unrelated to the loss. So as much as I feel weird saying I hope it’s just the hematoma being a butt, you know what I mean. Hoping you get good news with the scan.
I will update as soon as I can, it's so nerve wracking even though I'm not expecting good news

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