am i the only sad person


lucky mum of one of each!
Aug 31, 2006
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who likes meatloaf?? as in the singer??
nope Meatloaf is goood love most of his songs tbh. Great Chilling music :D
ooooh i love meatloaf....

paradise by the dasssssshboooooard light lol

(that is meatloaf i'm pretty sure???) haha
lol thts wot i was listenin 2 wen i posted!!! am listenin 2 i wud do anythin 4 love now!!
Alll 12 and a half minutes of it i presume :D
indeed!!!!none of this edited for radio pish :roll:
Love meatloaf! He is ds favourite!

What's it gonna be yes or NO!!
let me sleep on it!!!! ill give u an answer in the morning ;)
Bat out of hell

Objects in the rear view mirror

All his songs are just FAB xxx
glad im not the only 1 who thinks so!!! ive liked ever since i "borrowed" my stepdads album(which i still have like 10 yrs l8r!!!)
Well its still on borrow as you know its still his lol
I luuuuuurve meatloaf!!!!

infact i must find my cds they are in abox somewhere, need to get Jack jigging to them

I usually put them on full blast when i am in a mad cleaning mood, all my neighbours know when i am having a clearout :rofl: :rofl:

Can't listen to it quietly :twisted:

Thats it am gonna find them when Jack wakes up and go on a cleaning hib :D Thanks girls
no is def a loud kinda misic!!! no point in listenin quietly!!!!

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