Am soo tired!! please sleep through soon!!


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Sep 10, 2006
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Ewan finally started sleeping through at 13 months but now at 16 months he has started waking again!!
but the past few nights he had been waking 3+ a night! i cant leave him to scream coz he will wake everyone!! he is sooo loud!
last night and the previous night eh woke every 1.5 hours! wasnt particularly hungry.. usually when he wakes he wil have a bottle and go straight back too sleep.
I think its due to this cold he has, he had a cold before christmas and has been a bit chest ever since, now he has another cold and poor lad is coughing and wretching with it. Going to the doctors in 30mins to get his chest checked, as he looking in pain when he coughs!
Medised had no effect on his sleeping!

I just want him to start sleeping through again as this is killing me! i was almost in tears last night.. i'm so tired!
Aw hun, poor you, its awfull isnt it. Noah is waking a lot more now, but it is cause all his molar teeth are coming through. I have just put him down for a sleep now cause he has been screaming most of the morning, and I really cant just sit and cuddle him any longer. Is Ewan okay during the day or is he grizzly then as well?
awww hun i know the feeling, Ella went through this phase and it was a shock to the system! Does he get in bed with you ? coz thats what we did with Ella and she got used to it so she'd cry in the night to get in bed with us.

We did controlled crying and it worked! First night 45mins to get to sleep, second night 35 mins to get to sleep, 3rd night she was asleep after 10 mins and now she will go to sleep after a little whinge! I know its hard in the night because he will wake everyone else, but it will only be for a few nights worth it in the long run!
Aww hunnie, I'm with you on this one. :(

Charlie's always been a great sleeper and has slept through for weeks. But the last 3 weeks or so, he's been waking. But only for his dummy! :roll: Once thats back in, he's straight off sleep again. Unfortunately, he's doing this every half hour! :roll: So I wake, put his dummy in, then spend 10 minutes listening for him and then go back sleep, but only for 20 minutes. :roll: And he's woken up hungry in the night 3 times in the past week. I'm hoping it's a mixture of his cold and a growth spurt.

Oh, and Medised isn't doing anything for us either. :roll:
Yeah we did controlled crying with noah, after about three nights he went down no hastle. Its hard though if you think they are waking cause they are ill or in pain, cause you feel bad leaving them crying in that way. But if he is just waking for a it of bottle, he really doesnt need to be having any at night at is age. We got Noah of this when he was ill just as he turned a year old, cause we wernt allowed to give him dairy at all, he couldnt have bottles anyway, so we offered him water instead, which he wasnt impressed with, so he soon stopped bothering with waking in the night for one. Perhaps try this?
Thanks for the replies girls, feel like death today!
Went to the doctors but that was a waste of time waiting for 45 mins! then to be told oh its just all part of the cold yes he is breathing abit fast and there is lots of mucus there, Just raise his cot and give him calpol or beylin.
Which i am doing already!
He is fairly happy during the day but he cough is obviously sore, and he hates the benylin (do you think it would still work if i put it in his milk??)

I wont bring him in to our bed as i dont want to start anything like thatt - although last night i was very tempted to go in the spare room with him.
But i know my friend had a lot of trouble when she started doing that.

I'm hoping its just a combination of teething and this cold. he is hardly eating anything during the day so i think thats why he is waking at night again.
I tried water at night but he screams and i cant do controlled crying as my hubby drives all day and needs his sleep! i cant risk him driving tired.

Please pass soon!! [-o<
hypnorm said:
and he hates the benylin (do you think it would still work if i put it in his milk??)

That's the only way I can get Charlie to take any medicine. I was told to do it by my friend who's a school nurse and health visitor.
couldn't you do the controlled crying when you Oh is off hun you need to get to sleep as well you look after a toddler all day long, and maybe after the two days that you Oh is off just say if he wakes up to night i will do the controlled crying i hope it doesn't deserbe you
how about running him ragged burn loads of his energy out so he may sleep you nedd ur rest too as you will get to knackered to do anything x
hugs hypnorm - Seren can be a monkey too. She started sleeping through but last night was up all night with a cold, poor baby. Even my usual trick of just latching her on and then falling asleep didn't work. Hope he is better soon and sleeping through - have no suggestions but try and get comfort from he has done it before and he will do it again.

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